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IR Implementation Group

Minutes / February 10th, 2006 Meeting

Present: Cathy Martyniak, Carl Van Ness, Erich Kesse, Suzy Covey, Vernon Kisling, Winston Harris, Cecilia Botero, Stephanie Haas

Absent: Priscilla Williams

1. Minutes from the January meeting were approved. Suzy was assigned to take minutes at this meeting.




Cathy announced that the group's web site will move to the Committee's folder on the Staff Web Site. Cathy and Stephanie will be "co-queens" of the site. URL:


Cecilia Botero was welcomed as a member of the group. Cathy will invite Ed Hart to join us from Law.


Martha Hruska and Winston have been looking at DPubs, a free, open source presentation layer designed for DSpace and Fedora. DPubs is looking for partners. There is no submittal tool, and we would have to write our own API to use it with Greenstone. We are not to that point in IR development yet.


Workflow issues were raised by the considering the Salary Survey document for IR input. Priscilla was not here to help us with when Cataloging should get involved. The problem was solved through discussion.


2. The METS Schemes for UFDC / Greenstone document was discussed. This document seems close enough to the IR Metadata chart that we can use it instead. The relationship between affiliation, creator and contributor was discussed, as were the problems raised by dual affiliations. Eventually we will want to point to an external authority system such as UFID to uniquely identify these. Winston will take care of the creator/contributor dichotomy. Questions about SIP, the importance of versions, comments vs. systems links and the role of the Vetter were deferred for later. Erich suggested that we look closely at the function of each element, making sure we know what it is to be used for.


3. Types: Can/should we simplify them? (audio, image, other, text and video??))

No. Erich says we should use our more complete list of types.


4. PDF Normalization: overview and documentation

Stephanie proposed that we simplify the PDF Normalization routine by using only Photoshop. This may mean changing the workflow in DLC. We should look for TIFs in the previous stops of PDF creation.


5. SPEC Kit questionnaire.

Since we don't really have an IR yet, the group suggested Cathy not even try to fill in the survey past question 5.


6. Policy Document

Cathy distributed a draft of the IR policy document Martha requested by the end of the month. The group liked it a lot. Vernon thinks it should be combined with the "Faculty Papers" issue. There is a need to clarify the relationship and roles of the Digital Library, the Institutional Repository, and the University Archives. Erich suggested we think of the IR as a "program" rather than an "object" -- a "collecting activity." Carl said that the Archives represent the history of the institution, whereas the IR represents the history of its research and other scholarly output.


7. Position Description

The group briefly considered the PD for an IR Program Librarian, a DLC librarian position. Further refinements and suggestions can be sent to Cathy.


8. The "Faculty Papers Group" is a loose unofficial committee instituted by Erich that includes most of the people on this committee in addition to some Collection Management staff. They have not met yet, but are supposed to do an environmental scan of faculty whose research is considered worthy of inclusion in the IR/Archives -- how much of it is out there, in order to get a handle of how to deal with it. Educated guesses may not be possible, and issues of assigning value can be very tricky.


9. Cathy asked to group to give her the number of hours they spent on the IR last month.


The next meeting will be held March 10th.



Suzy Covey




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