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Minutes IR Implementation Group for November 18, 2005 APPROVED.

Present: Cathy Mook-Martyniak, Vernon Kisling, Suzy Covey, Jingfeng Xia, Priscilla Williams, Carl Van Ness

Absent: Winston Harris

Minutes for the previous meeting were approved.

Cathy Mook-Martyniak initiated a discussion on how IR titles and collections might be structured within the DLC’s collection database. She stated that the DLC would add new codes and briefly reviewed how the existing code hierarchies were structured. Cathy also added that there were limits to how much information could be maintained within a single DLC collection and that this might have a bearing on how we manage the collections. She cautioned that we might have to divide collections into “chunks.” She also mentioned that this probably would become less of an issue as new versions of Greenstone are implemented. Finally, she suggested that the DLC’s three level limitation on collection codes could be obviated to a certain extent by an IR attribution within the metadata. In other words, IR collections could be identified as such within the metadata instead of within the collection name.

A long discussion on codes, sub-codes, attributions, and “chunks” ensued. The merits of a subject-based structure versus a community/provenance-based one were discussed and it was resolved that the latter was preferable to the former. Various structures were contemplated, but no dominant paradigm emerged. At the end of this discussion, Vernon Kisling and Carl Van Ness agreed to meet later to determine whether and how the DLC collection names could be properly and satisfactorily employed to organize IR collections within a community-based framework.

Minutes taken by Carl VanNess.

The next meeting was scheduled for December 16, 10:00-12:00 in LECR

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