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UF Institutional Repository Implementation Group

Meeting Minutes:
Friday, October 14, 2005, 11 am to noon, LE Conference Room

Members present: Vernon Kisling, Carl Van Ness, Priscilla Williams, Cathy Mook-Martyniak, Suzy Covey, Winston Harris and Jingfeng Xia

1. Minutes of the September meeting will be approved via email.

2. Minute taking for this meeting shall rotate amongst all members of the group. Priscilla Williams offered to take them for the October meeting.

3. Charge: Cathy opened the meeting with a review of the Committee's charge much to the benefit of all committee members but largely to bring Jingfeng Xia, the new member of the committee, current. The committee spent some time updating Jingfeng not only on the scope of the Institutional Repository (IR) as currently envisioned at UF but on other aspects of the charge as well. No progress has been made in the area of copyright/permissions.

4. Selection: Carl and Vernon each used the web form to input required metadata for the two titles they selected as their number one titles. ( IMPACT for Vernon and Annual Financial Report for Carl. ) Both Carl and Vernon reported that the web form is very clunky. There is no space for URL or Aleph number and a space for a note would be nice. The concept of DLC Project code was briefly introduced. More time in the future will need to be dedicated to this topic to ensure that the correct project codes are selected for future titles/pieces ingested into the IR.

During the meeting, Cathy asked the two of them to go ahead and start to prioritize the remainder of the titles they listed for their areas in the first phase of the project.

5. Metadata gathering: Cathy reported that Erich suggested that we NOT USE the web form but to use an EXCEL spreadsheet instead. The form does not accommodate repeatable fields. Winston voiced concern over how we would disseminate EXCEL. We will continue to use the form for now but look forward to revising it in the future to add: URL, Notes field, project code option, ALEPH system ID. Cathy will work on matching items in the metadata chart with the web form.

The concept of how ‘tightly’ to integrate metadata from the IR with the information in Aleph, particularly in the area of authorities, was discussed but no real resolution or consensus was achieved.
Winston displayed the front page to the current draft of the UFDC (University of Florida Digital Collections) Home page so that group members had an idea how the IR might fit into the UFDC structure (or not fit into if that is the decision we make).

6. Retrieving the digital objects and normalizing them. This process is very challenging and time consuming. Suzy will continue to work on it.

7. Tracking hours spent on the project. Cathy asked again that everyone remember to keep track of hours spent on the project and send them to her once a month.

8. Name of group/project Cathy mentioned that the Institutional Repository name has been taken in the UFDC projects list, thus leading to some confusion in the DLC when talking about IR (Is the DLC IR project code being referred to or the IR project we are working on being referred to??). The name Digital Commons is certainly a possibility but those initials (DC) are already heavily used (Digital Collections and Dublin Core) and to use them yet again could cause even more confusion. [Marilyn Ochoa notes that the public computer space in LW will be called the Information Commons and strongly advises against us using Digital Commons.]

Cathy therefore suggested another name to specifically indicate our project. She suggested UF E-Swamp (Scholars With Access to Multiple Publications) as a working title simply to eliminate possible confusion. Eventually, a real title will need to be carefully selected with a broad (local, regional, national and international) constituency in mind and be clear and respectable.

Minutes taken by Priscilla Williams.

NEXT MEETING: Friday, November 18th at 10 am Library East Conference Room (unless otherwise noted)

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