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Meeting Minutes: IR Implementation Group kick off meeting

Friday, September 2nd, 2005, 11 am to noon, LE Conference Room

Attendees: Vernon Kisling, Carl Van Ness, Priscilla Williams, Cathy Mook, Stephanie Haas, Erich Kesse, Suzy Covey and Winston Harris (NOTE: A list serv called 'IR Implementation Group' has been created in Outlook for the use of group members.)

1. Carl Van Ness kicked off the meeting with a summary of a talk he had heard at SAA on the Georgia Tech IR, named SMARTech. (See SMARTech web page at . Their IR contains the same kinds of materials targeted by the UF IR plus their Electronic theses and dissertations. The number of self submittals (materials submitted by an individual professor) is low. They do however have an active acquisition process directed by the Library where they are concentrating on administrative documents. There are two FTE committed to the project, one moved over from their version of the DLC and one hired new as the Digital Archivist.

2. Review of the Charge

3. Cathy suggested that a regularly scheduled meeting would be of benefit to the group. Calendars were consulted and the second Friday of each month, from 10am to 11:30/12 was selected as a good time. She confirmed the availability of the room (except for December) for the Fall at that time.

4. Cathy asked that everyone affiliated with the group record the number of hours spent on the project for statistical purposes. How those hours will be gathered and tracked will be discussed more next time.


NEXT MEETING: Friday, October 14th, 10am in the Library East Conference Room

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