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Faculty Evaluation Policy and Procedure Review Committee Charge

Members:   Carol Drum, Facilitator, Michele Crump, Colleen Seale, Bob Singerman, Denise Bogart, ex officio.

Description of Responsibilities:   The annual evaluation/performance appraisal process for library faculty provides a consistent way for a supervisor to monitor progress, document contributions, and identify areas where change, improvement or significantly enhanced skills are needed in order for the individual to meet goals and contribute to the organization’s effectiveness.   It is obviously a key component of the libraries’ Career Development Program.   Because librarians have faculty status, it is particularly important that library policies and procedures comply with those for university faculty.   Effective documentation and implementation of these policies and procedures will ensure that librarians receive the guidance and direction necessary to meet the University of Florida’s requirements for tenure and promotion.   This Committee is charged with evaluating current procedures and recommending changes.  

Final Report Due Date:   Report due Dec. 2 for discussion at Dec. Library Council meeting (or an interim report on December 2 with an estimate of the final report date)

Committee Role:   This report is advisory to the Library Council which is seeking to improve the adequacy and effectiveness of the library’s evaluation process.

Recommended Decision Authority :   Library Council

Anticipated Date of Decision Concerning the Committee Recommendation:   The Library Council meeting following the submission of the final report.  

Minutes:  Minutes – a brief summary of actions taken and assignments made -- are to be kept and promptly distributed following each meeting to all committee members, and the appointing director.   A copy will be posted on the web.

Meeting Agenda:   A preliminary agenda for the next meeting should be circulated with the minutes.  

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