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Staff Development Committee

Meeting Minutes
October 3, 2006
Library East Conference Room, 2:00-3:00

Present:      Trudi DiTrolio, Angela Mott, Amy Polk, Marina Salcedo, Elaine Needelman, and Kathryn Kennedy

Discussion of:

1. 3 workshop evaluation forms prepared by Angela. It was decided to use version #3 which allows workshop attendees to choose from “”Agree/Somewhat Agree/Somewhat Disagree/Disagree/and N/A” to answer questions about a just attended workshop. The workshop evaluation form will be available on the Staff Development Web page.

2. Current Customer Service Workshops (importance of attendees being on time, arranging new meeting times for evening staff, etc.)

3. “Hands On Classes”: Excel Workshops, Information Point Training, Aleph Training
Laptops were a cause for concern at recent workshops (attendees not used to using them, loss of signal, defective ones, etc.). It was difficult to try to learn the course content and how to use the laptops.

4. Development of liaison training workshops which Amy will be presenting

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17th, 2pm-3pm, in the Library West Conference Room.  Agenda TBA by Trudi. 

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