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Staff Development Committee

Meeting Notes - December 6, 2005

Library East Conference Room,  1:00-2:00

Present:Trudi DiTrolio, Brian Keith, Michelle Foss, Chelsea Dinsmore, Elaine Needelman, Vernon Kisling

Staff and/or Faculty Needs Survey
Discussion revolved around the need to do a survey (or surveys – one for staff, one for faculty) to determine skill needs and leadership needs (especially for succession planning which will be important considering how many individuals will be retiring).  Consideration was also given to focus groups rather than a survey.  Previous surveys exist, but are now becoming dated.  Also discussed - can the information we need be determined without another survey?  Types of surveys, such as a 360 degree survey, were considered.

Job Analysis 
Related to the discussion was the upcoming job analysis to be undertaken by the library human resources office.  This analysis will review staff positions to determine appropriateness of position titles, descriptions (including skill needs) and salaries.  This effort could work hand-in-hand with the efforts of this committee.  A similar, but separate, effort is needed to analyze faculty job descriptions, skill needs and leadership/management needs.

Curriculum Structure at UF and Libraries 
Existing UF curriculum should be reviewed to determine how Library curriculum can supplement rather than duplicate these classes.  In particular, the Supervisory Challenge should be re-examined along with the possibility that it should be required for certain positions or promotions.

Phased Activities 
Tentative agreement was reached about phasing in our committee activities with other ongoing activities.  It was suggested/recommended that we allow the staff structure/job analyses take place first (all annual evaluations will be due March 1) along with a review and use of UF staff training curriculum.  The second phase would involve a needs survey (while the annual evaluations are still fresh in everybody’s thoughts) along with development of Library staff training curriculum that would supplement the existing UF curriculum.  The third (long-term) phase would involve the development of career path succession planning with training curriculum aimed at current supervisory faculty/staff, but open to all.

Next meeting will focus on developing a curriculum for the next two years.

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