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Meeting Minutes: Convocation Planning Committee
August 21, 2007 ◦ 10 a.m. ◦ Library East Conference Room (wrap-up)


Christine Driver; Jason Fleming; Sara Russell Gonzalez; Dan Reboussin; Betsy Simpson; Jay Wiese; Adrian Zeck; Brian Keith (ex officio)


For 2008, maybe request $1000 instead of $750 for more prepared food items.

Committee size & composition

6 members appropriate size; membership should come from all around the library; might want to include someone from facilities for 2008; Volunteers on set-up day proved to be essential to success of event.

Date & venue

Committee agreed that Summer/Fall intersession seemed like an appropriate time to hold Convocation; Smathers 1A served as an adequate (if not ideal) location for Convocation.


Prep area upstairs from Convocation venue- Lots of running up and down stairs, risk of tripping on stairs, spilling food, etc. (Maybe use Library East Conference Room as staging area for Convocation, Sterno to keep supplemental chocolate ready for fountains); Hot water dispenser in Admin kitchen not working- Brian will ask Misty to request fixing hot water dispenser (Also maybe heat clean-up water in microwave or coffee urn); See budget spreadsheet (MS Excel) for further comments about food items.

Room set-up

Rearrange tables to allow streamline traffic flow around food tables; put all food on same table (lots of veggies and cheese left over)


Banner difficult to hang; Flowers worked well as decorations (also served as door prizes); Posters & plants also worked well; Door prizes were a success, may have helped encourage people to stay.

Greatest Hits

4 speakers at 4 minutes per speaker seems like a good length; Include more photos in PowerPoint and posters (List babies born? Pets?); 4 continuing members will capture Greatest Hits on an ongoing basis & Monitor library news for additional ideas; Maybe set up web form for staff to enter Greatest Hits

Library Jeopardy! Quiz game

Good audience involvement; Positive comments; Maybe different game next year (Family Feud, Pictionary, name locations in libraries on campus & in town?)

Convocation Planning Committee for 2008

Betsy will find new members in February '08; First meeting in March; Maybe send out email call to all staff asking for volunteers; Put together documentary binder for next year's committee (MS Word).

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