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Meeting Minutes: Convocation Planning Committee
August 2, 2007 ◦ 1 p.m. ◦ MSL L107


Christine Driver; Jason Fleming; Sara Russell Gonzalez; Dan Reboussin; Jay Wiese; Adrian Zeck


Go over the Greatest Hits

Committee agreed to keep final list of Greatest Hits;

Jay will send invitations to speak to Department Heads


Discuss the budget

Total: $750
Spent: $73.xx
Remaining: $676.xx

Jay will check Library East kitchen for food prep and serving utensils

Jason will arrange a shopping trip for interested committee members some time next week: non-perishable food; decorations; food prep and serving utensils; miscellaneous paraphernalia for Convocation Jeopardy;

Sara will look into alternatives to buying with cash and getting reimbursed later.


See what the room setup will be like

Jason will ask Barbara Hood to print a poster-sized program to display on an easel outside Smathers 1A

Jason will contact Facilities about room set-up (Paint door, extra podiums for Convocation Jeopardy)

Dan will look into getting extra microphones (5 total) & back-up batteries

Adrian, Christine, & Sara will coordinate additional decorations


Other stuff

Committee agreed to add door prizes to the program. Door prizes will consist of donated items that Dan asked for from local merchants. Attendees will write their name on a piece of paper and place the slip in a hat for a drawing to be held after Convocation Jeopardy. Christine will coordinate door prizes (make tickets, get pens/pencils, etc.)

Jason will look into a way to keep time and score for Convocation Jeopardy.


Next meeting:

Time, day, and location TBA; Some time next week after shopping trip; Last meeting before Convocation set-up

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