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Meeting Minutes: Convocation Planning Committee
2/6/2007 ◦ 1:00 PM ◦ Library West Training Room

Activities and prizes

Dan contacted Chipotle & Gator Dining services regarding prizes for Convocation; Chipotle's response was favorable. It was suggested that the committee meet at Chipotle for a committee lunch.
Sweet Dreams, Copper Monkey were also suggested as possible businesses to contact re:prizes.


Christine and Sara looked into different caterers for convocation. Classic Fare will provide food, delivery and set-up, but is expensive. Sam's club is the least expensive option, but will require preparation work. Publix can provide some items at lower cost than classic Fare with less preparation work required than Sam's. Committee agreed that we would be willing to do some limited preparation (arranging cheese platters, setting out utensils, mixing punch, maybe some chopping).
Menu might feature a showy dessert along with fruit, veggie and/or cheese & cracker platters.
Committee was enthusiastic about using a chocolate fountain as a centerpiece dessert. Committee agreed that a new chocolate fountain would be preferable to a used or rented fountain. Adrian and other committee members will investigate the cost of purchasing a chocolate fountain of adequate size and capacity for Convocation.


Ideas included signs, posters, multimedia presentations vetted from submissions for "Greatest Hits" and milestones (retirements, years of service, etc.)

Trivia Game

Committee discussed the possibility of hosting a trivia game as a group activity.
Contestants might be the assistant directors, assisted by members of the audience.
Format might be similar to "Who wants to be a millionaire". Alternatively, members of the audience submit answers in writing; prizes would be awarded for correct answers drawn from a fishbowl.
Carl Van Ness could assist with writing trivia questions by providing sources and helping committee to select items.


Ideas for speakers included the following:
5-minute speech by interim Dean (John Ingram) or new dean of libraries (Whomever that may be) on the future of the libraries
25 minutes of "Greatest hits": achievements submitted by staff, selected by Convocation Committee, presented by area heads (limit 90-seconds each)
5 minutes to recognize individual milestones (retirements, more than 25 years of service, tenure, etc.)

Brian will present ideas to directors and ask John Ingram if he would be willing to emcee, and will announce Convocation at the next Library Council meeting.

Next meeting:

Date & location TBA (end of February)

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