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Communications Committee

Communication Committee
Quarterly Meeting with Directors
Meeting Notes
May 8, 2007
Library West Conference Room 429

Members Present:  Bill Covey, Denise Bennett, Trudi DiTrolio (facilitator), John Freund, Brian Keith, Paul Losch, Iona Malanchuk, Carol McAuliffe, Nelda Schwartz, Jay Wiese, Naomi Young

Members Absent: Jim Stevens, John Van Hook, Ben Walker

  1. Change in Food/Drink Policy
  1. Trudi will invite the new Dean, Judy Russell, to the next Quarterly CMC/Director’s meeting.
  1. Boxes on Circulation Desk
  1. Library East Room 100 is open to public access no earlier than 8am.  For staff functions, no earlier than 6am.  This is a change from last month’s minutes.
  1. VOIP Phones
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