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Communications Committee

Quarterly Meeting with Directors
Meeting Notes
March 27, 2007
Library West Conference Room, 429

Members Present:  Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio (facilitator), John Freund, Brian Keith, Paul Losch, Iona Malanchuk, Nelda Schwartz, Misty Swain, and Naomi Young

Members Absent: Denise Bennett, Carol McAuliffe, Rob Roberts, Jim Stevens, John Van Hook, Ben Walker, Jay Wiese

Guest: Michele Crump, John Ingram, Carol Turner


1. Dean Search Committee –

2. Currently, the libraries will remain open on the basketball championship game day.

3. A suggestion was made for the library to provide health related literature in the Library West staff lounge.  A suggestion was also made that perhaps such

    information could be disseminated via the ERC listserv. Side note:  Plans are being made to host Healthy Living Lunches twice a month.

4. Human Resources anticipate the re-class project will be complete in a few weeks (i.e. substantiated and reflected in employee’s paychecks).  Increases will

    have to be applied over a two fiscal year roll out due to the impact on the library budget (approx. $800,000).

5. Acquisition and Licensing has made some organizational changes mostly involving electronic resources. See

6. Volunteers were solicited for the annual Library Read-a-thon.  The event will be held the week of April 9th.

7. Library fines are being increase. (See

8. A security firm has been hired and is working in Library West and Smathers Library (East).  Reference staff in West have noted a difference in patron behavior. 

    Bill noted the officer has report some physical security concerns in East and the Library is working to correct those.

9. The Board of Governors will meet in Smathers Room 100, Library West Conference Room 429 and Smathers Library Conference Room on Thursday, March



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