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Communications Committee

Meeting Notes
February 16, 2007
Library West Conference Room, 429

Members Present: Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio (facilitator), John Freund, Brian Keith, Paul Losch, Iona Malanchuk, Carol McAuliffe, Nelda Schwartz, Jim Stevens, Misty Swain, Jay Wiese and Hank Young (for Naomi Young)

Members Absent: Denise Bennett, Rob Roberts, John Van Hook, Ben Walker, Naomi Young


1. A status report about the Dean of Libraries search has not been provided to library directors.

2. Candidates for the Head of Judaica vacancy are being reviewed by the search committee.

3. A suggestion was previously made to make AEDs (defibrillators) available in the libraries.  The university does have an existing AED policy; however, it dates

    back to 1999.  It states employees have to be trained prior to operating the equipment and training will not be paid for by UF unless operating the equipment is

    part of the employees job description.    Current state law requires an AED operator to be CPR trained.  Currently UF provides AEDs in all UPD vehicles.  It was

    noted the head of the Student Health Center is very much in favor of such devices being provided in UF buildings.  Due to the libraries inquiries about providing

    AEDs UF is going to review the current policy.  Bill Covey will keep us posted.

4.  A suggestion was previously made to make Library West more family friendly by providing baby changing tables in the restrooms.  The Library Facilities

     Department is investigating the possibility of installing baby changing stations in the 2nd & 3rd floor restrooms.

5.  A suggestion was previously made to install a fire extinguisher outside the Library West 5th Staff Lounge.  Bill Covey confirmed there are already two fire

     extinguishers available within 30 ft. of the lounge.

6.  A suggestion was previously made to have designated cell phone use zones.  Given the current layout of Library West it would be difficult to determine where to

     put such a location as not to interfere with patron library use areas as well as provide good cell phone reception.

7.  Library West student restrooms and stairwells continue to be messy.  The library continually contacts and works with UF’s Physical Plant Division in an

     attempt to remedy the situation.  Physical Plant has hired an additional 1.5 FTE and will soon raise that number to 2 FTE to try to keep up with the needs in

     Library West.

8.  A public service contact point is being assessed for Library West 1st floor.  Bill Covey will be talking with Carol Turner to determine the feasibility and location of

     such a service point.

9.  Patrons continue to request the removal of the silver monitor boxes at the Library West Circulation Desk.  They feel removal will allow them to better view what 

     is being displayed on the computer monitors used by desk staff.  Technical difficulties have prevented desk staff from being able to display information they are

     viewing on the monitors contained in the silver boxes.  There are also privacy issue concerns.  At this point there aren’t any plans to remove the boxes;   

     however, Bill Covey will investigate the technical difficulties reported.

10. A request has been submitted for an increased number of recycling bins.  This request has not been met due to complications with the recycling vendor.

11. The metal support brackets underneath the new book shelves appear to be scratching patrons.  Bill Covey will look into it the situation and see if Library

      Facilities can determine how to fix it.

12. New door stops have been installed on the 2nd & 3rd floor stairwells.  There is still a problem with the doors locking mechanism and the doors also continue to

      squeak.  Library Facilities continues to investigate how to solve both problems.

13. Last week several doors in Library West locked and unlocked off schedule.  This was a result of the vendor altering default settings without consulting Library

      Facilities.  The vendor has been notified this is unacceptable and in the future he must consult Library Facilities prior to making such changes.

14. The Library West handicap entrance doors quite often stand open after the handicap button has been utilized.  This is caused by sensitivity of the sensors

      located above each door.  Library Facilities is trying to determine how to set the sensors to alleviate the problem without reducing user safety.

15. It was reported the trash bins in the Education Library are only emptied every other day per UF Physical Plant.  To Bill Covey’s knowledge the trash bins in all

     libraries are supposed to be emptied on a daily basis.  If this is a problem he offered to speak with Physical Plant.  It was noted the trash bin just outside the

     Library West’s entrance is often very nasty at 6pm. Bill Covey will look into it.

16. The uneven payment around Smathers Library (East) and other various area has been ground down.  There are still some repairs needed in the sitting area in

      front of the building; however, it is not clear when those will be completed.

17. The possibility of hiring a night security person responsible for assuring Library West and Smathers Library (East) are empty/secure once the buildings close is

      still being assessed.  Bill Covey has met with UPD as well as with a private security firm.

18. The question was raised whether or not campus departments/organizations outside the library can be invited to utilize library display areas.  Bill Covey is not

     aware of a policy against this practice; however, he did advise individuals to consult with Carol Turner on the matter.  It was noted the Smathers Library (East)

     lobby area would be a good display location if a secure display mechanism could be installed.

19. VOIP is still planned for Smathers Library (East) and the work request was submitted to UF CNS quite awhile ago; however, the work is still not complete. 

     When the VOIP installation is complete the entire building will be wireless.

20. Card swipe technology will try to be integrated into the Smathers Library (East) elevator at some future date.  It is not clear when that might be.

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