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Communications Committee

Meeting Notes
January 9, 2007
Smathers Library Conference Room

Members Present: Denise Bennett, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio (facilitator), John Freund, Brian Keith, Paul Losch, Iona Malanchuk, Carol McAuliffe, Nelda Schwartz, Misty Swain and John Van Hook and Jay Wiese

Members Absent: Rob Roberts, Jim Stevens, Ben Walker, Naomi Young


1. New employee announcements are distributed after the person is here and a picture can be taken.

2. Items placed in the Library West comments/suggestion box are reviewed by Access Services and if needed routed to the appropriate individual/department for 

    response.  The web site suggestion box is monitored by Tom Minton and if needed he routes the items to the appropriate individual/department for response.  It 

    is not clear if all library locations utilize comments/suggestion boxes but each location is certainly allowed to do so.

3. The new carpet installation in Smathers Library Room 100 is almost complete and 128 new chairs have been delivered.  The remaining furniture has been

    ordered and a media presence will eventually be installed.

4. Three brick planter boxes are being constructed in front of the vending machines located at the East end of Library West.  The planters are supposed to be

    populated with some type of quick growing foliage in an attempt to mask the view of the vending machines.

5. For no apparent reason, bricks were removed from the seating wall in front of Library West.  Bill Covey has looked into the incident and has been unable to

   determine who or why the bricks were taken.  He does know it was not due to any University Physical Plant or Library projects.

6. The Future of the Libraries Report expressed concern the Library West entrance does not have an academic appearance.  It is not clear what effect, if any, this

    will have on the future of the colonnade.  The library has not been notified as to what will or will not happen to the colonnade.  It was noted it has been pressured


7. Some electrical wires in Smathers Library (East) appear to have been chewed by some type of rodent; however, no rodent has been located.

8. In a month or so the corridor in Smathers Library (East) will probably become study space.  The building hours will remain the same.

9. Costs associated with hiring a .5 FTE night security person to be responsible for assuring Library West and Smathers Library (East) are empty once the

    buildings close are being assessed.

10. Work continues on the Library West 4th floor graduate study carrels.  It is not clear if the doors can ultimately be made stable.

11. When the air hanger door is in the down position in Library West individuals should use the elevators to get to the 1st floor and then exit through the bathroom


12. The possibility of utilizing compact shelving and shelving by size at ALF is being investigated.  Ways of making more space in Smathers Library (East) are also

      being considered.

13. The staff re-class project is still in process.  Library Human Resources has received an indication of where most positions would be mapped to and is starting

      to get back figures for what would be considered reasonable compensation.  Whether the reclassified positions will be considered exempt or non exempt will

      depend upon what position the individual is re-classed in to.  Employees in USPS category can not be forced to convert to TEAMS.  This topic is discussed at

      every Library Director’s meeting (Friday mornings, weekly basis) and once finalized all staff will be notified.

14. If Communication Committee members are not receiving many questions and want to solicit questions they should feel free to do so.

15. The next Communications Committee meeting will be held in the Library West Conference Room 429.

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