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Communications Committee

Meeting Notes
December 12, 2006
Smathers Library Conference Room

Members Present:  Denise Bennett, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio (facilitator), John Freund, Brian Keith, Paul Losch, Iona Malanchuk, Carol McAuliffe, Nelda Schwartz, Misty Swain and John Van Hook, Ben Walker, Jay Wiese, Naomi Young

Members Absent: Rob Roberts and Jim Stevens

  1. Trudi DiTrolio provided the members with a brief history of how and why the committee was formed and reviewed the current charge.  It was noted the charge was not disseminated to the new committee members in a timely fashion and that the new members (in some cases) and their respective Department Chair (in some cases) were not notified about their appointment prior to receiving the meeting invitation.  Given this, it was wondered if perhaps this happens with other committee appointments as well and if so should/could the appointment and notification process be made more apparent?
  1. Committee members should feel free to bring forth any library staff members or patrons issues/concerns.
  1. Concern was expressed over the crowding in Library West during the exam period as well as lack of parking over the weekend. It was noted the Marston Science Library is most often crowded during this time of the semester and always has been. Bill explained that for the most part Library West has been crowded since it re-opened and unfortunately that is not likely to change in the near or distant future due to space constraints over the last 8 years and no indication of how future construction will be handled. Bill suggested committee members read the Future of Libraries Task Force report available at . To help alleviate some of the crowding in Library West, a suggestion was made to turn the long hallway in Smathers Library into quiet study space.  Bill noted all of Smathers Library will have wireless access sometime during this academic year, when VOIP phones replace the current system. There are 2-3 groups assessing what should be done with  space in Smathers. As far as collection space goes, Library West is roughly half full.
  1. Library West is still under warranty so all work requests have to go through the contractor.
  1. Carol Turner is working on a plan for additional Library West signage.  A recommendation was made to place a sign/map kiosk for all the floors at the top of the escalator.  A recommendation was also made to place a sign next to the elevator on the 1st and 2nd floor (between the escalators) explaining it only goes up to the 2nd floor.
  1. Smathers Library Room 100 is being renovated and will be used as a library meeting/event facility.  Events outside of library not will be allowed to be held in the room unless the event has some type of affiliation with the library.  Use of the room will be schedule through the Library Administration Office.
  1. The Library is attempting to add a .5 FTE security officer position to the library staff.  The officer would assist in assuring all patrons and staff members vacate Library West and Smathers Library safely at closing time.
  1. Some additional work is needed to bring ALF shelving into compliance with fire code restrictions. The building is full.
  1. The College of Design, Construction and Planning and the School of Architecture has been discussing (not sure to what extent) the possibility of expanding the AFA Complex and merging the AFA Library and Music Library.
  1. The Library Bulletin Board (LBB) is back up and functioning.  In order to rebuild interest in and use of the board a suggestion was made to circulate the link ( to all library staff.  Committee members were encouraged to speak with their respective departmental chairs to assess if there is anything transpiring within their department which is appropriate for posting to the LBB.
  1. The Marston Science Library compact shelving was generating a lot of repair tickets this summer.  The vendor made some staff changes and the number of repair tickets decreased significantly; therefore, the decision has been made to keep the current system until the number of repair tickets increases to a problematic level.
  1. The Library West dedication ceremony is scheduled for January 26th.
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