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Communications Committee

Meeting Notes
August 8, 2006
Smathers Library Conference Room

Members Present:  Bill Covey, Brian Keith, Tom Minton, Jan Swanbeck

Bill said that interest in Library West was still high; he had just completed a video interview.

Bill received the final plans for Starbucks today. It will be done in October - estimated to take 7-8 weeks. There will be 24 seats. The stacks on the first level will be closed only a few days during construction but access will be limited. There will be no sign on the Plaza side but there will be a sign on the slatted wall to the right after you walk into the building. Starbucks will be open whenever the library is open.

There are still things to be done in the building. The escalator stoppages seem to have been corrected. One of the elevators still stops occasionally. There are also problems with the compact shelving that are being addressed.

The CD,DVD, and VHS viewers have not yet been delivered. The multimedia installations will take place on the 11th. The training room will be done by the 24th.

Lap tops will not be checked out until fall semester.

Access to the 6th floor is by staff ID or an authorized card that is checked out at the circulations desk. More tables and chairs will be purchased for this floor.

The rumor that a patron was badly scratched (no stitches) by staples on a chair is true. Other chairs were examined by the vendor and no problems detected.

The graduate student carrels are still problematic. Students do not realize they slide and pull them out of the tracks trying to open them using the handles. Bill will continue to work with the vendor to find a workable solution.

The walkway outside of Marston over the Map Library is being caulked. This will hopefully prevent leaks in the lounge and Map Library until they can do a total rehaul that has been promised next year.

The compact shelving in MSL will not be addressed until the walk through has occurred for the shelving in West (same company). United Business will do one section for free and it will be evaluated. Bill hopes there will be funding to do one more section this next year.

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