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Communications Committee

Meeting Notes
May 9, 2006
Smathers Library Conference Room

Members Present:  Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio (facilitator), LeiLani Freund, Barbara Hood, Brian Keith, Suzanne Kiker, Jim Liversidge, Tom Minton, Jan Swanbeck, Misty Swain and Ben Walker

Members Absent: Shelley Arlen, Tatiana Barr, Pam Cenzer and Rob Roberts

Guest: Carol Kem

Library West:


All Library West staff are scheduled to move in before July 1st.  There will be a meeting (mostly of chairs) on Thursday, May 11, 2006 for staff affected by the move.  Bill Covey will attend this meeting.  Estimates on how long it will take to move each unit was distributed at Library Council.  Business Services is scheduled to move first due to the end of the fiscal year deadlines.  Human Resources is slated to move last.  Some work area partitions will not be place at the time of the move but no work area will be left dysfunctional and the partitions will eventually be installed.

The book move is schedule to begin on approximately June 5th and finish by the end of July. 

Currently, the tentative plan is to assign one set of elevators to staff movers and the other set to book movers.

The Judaica collection is scheduled to be moved into the NW corner of LW 1st floor sometime this summer.

Compact Shelving:

Most of the shelving on the 1st floor will be complete by May 17th.  Five days later the shelves are scheduled to be wired.


The network wiring is now functioning throughout the building.  All computer equipment for LW has been delivered to Systems.

5th Floor Balcony Handrail:

The railing is in place however due to ADA specifications a swinging door must be installed on the north and south balconies to allow wheel chair access.


The latest information indicates the colonnade will not be taken down.  The library has asked Physical Plant to perform needed maintenance on the structure but to date we have not gotten a response.

Vending Machines:

The vending machines currently in front of Library West will be relocated to the end of the building along the East wall.  The concrete pads have been poured and the electrical wiring is in place.


No updated information has been made available to the library.

Marston Science Library

Display Area:

Bill Covey is not sure what is planned for this area.

Maps Library:

The project to permanently repair leakage problems is controlled by UF’s Physical Plant Division.  Bill Covey has not been notified when this project is planned to take place but he does know Physical Plant is committed to the project.

Room L107:

Thus far no consideration has been given to keeping MSL L107 a computer room.  A plan is not in place as to how the machines currently in that room will be moved to Library West.

Smathers Library:

There has not been any discussion as to what will happen with the reference desk currently located in Smathers Library (East) or what is going to happen with Room 100 on a permanent basis.  Systems will move into the back of Room 100 temporarily for a couple of months while new carpeting and some other work is performed in that area.


The shelving at ALF will need to be modified after the move back into Library West.


A Library staff thank you party is planned for May 31st.

Student activities are planned for the fall.

Library Survivor Pilot Parties (held in MSL) are planned for this summer.

The UF President’s Office has a June 15th event planned in Library West.

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