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Communications Committee

Quarterly Meeting with Directors
Meeting Notes
April 11, 2006

Present: Tatiana Bar, Pam Cenzer, Bill Covey, Trudi Di Trolio, LeiLani Freund, Barbara Hood, Brian Keith, Carol Ken, Suzanne Kiker, Tom Minton, Jan Swanbeck

The Communications Committee met with the Directors and addressed the following:

Materials Budget: there is really no news about the materials budget. The question incorrectly referred to a cut of $75K. The amount of potential serials spending reduction is $750K and it is not due to a direct budget cut. There has been a flat budget for several years now and inflation has reduced our purchasing power to the point that we can no longer afford as many serials. This means the cancellation of serials project will continue.

Collection Move: The collection move will take place sometime after May 26th when the Substantial Completion of the building is scheduled. This is when the Libraries will officially receive the keys to the building. Books may start moving in by the first week of June.

Reference Services: Reference services will begin in the new facility as soon as the doors open.

Judaica Collection: The Judaica Collection will move to the northwest quadrant of the first floor of Library West, this freeing up space. The shelves will stay in Education.

PeopleSoft: In answer to the question of OPS budget reports: “it has been a long time since we have received any reports of money spent and money remaining on the OPS budgets. Is there any hope for better reports from PeopleSoft? Are we using full functionality of PeopleSoft—or is it just a bad system?” PeopleSoft has been badly implemented on campus. It may be 5-10 years before we reach full functionality. As we learn new ways of using what exists, we pass them on, but it is not very functional at present, particularly for reporting and data mining.

Human Resources: Faculty Searches are ongoing. The Digital Projects Metadata Librarian search has been extended to April 30. The Chair of H&SS Services closes April 30.

Also, the Director for Development closed March 31.  Applications are being reviewed.
Resignations: recent resignations include HelenJane Armstrong, Dale Canelas, Frank Di Trolio, Martha Hruska and Bob Singerman.
Raises for Support Staff: there is no news or indication that this is about to happen.
Reclass Committee: This Committee has geared up and has met twice already. Recommendations are due May 30. Committee charge and minutes will be posted on the Reclass Committee Website.

HSCL: Whether or not HSCL will merge with Smathers has been discussed for three years but it is not certain whether or not this will happen. To our knowledge, the recently announced resignation of the HSCL director has not changed the situation.

Interim Director: the Provost has not said if and when she will appoint an interim director nor has she indicated plans for a search committee. She does plan to appoint a committee to look at the future of libraries at UF.

Colonnade: the Technology Services Staff are concerned that the materials transported on book trucks between library buildings in the future after the breezeway is torn down. Library Administration was not consulted about this decision but was instead told that it will happen very soon. Perhaps the Alligator will reap a storm of protests from students—especially those that eat their Hare Krishna lunch in the rain. The issue of the location of vending machines was also raised. It is not clear where they will be relocated.

Faculty governance: the faculty governance concept is still undefined but will develop. Things will work themselves out as they come up.

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