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Communications Committee

Meeting Notes
February 14, 2006
Smathers Library Conference Room

Members Present:  Tatiana Barr, Pam Cenzer, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio (facilitator), LeiLani Freund, Barbara Hood, Brian Keith, Suzanne Kiker, Jan Swanbeck, Misty Swain and Ben Walker

Members Absent: Shelley Arlen, Jim Liversidge, Tom Minton and Rob Roberts

Action Items:

Alligator Article:

Bill Covey was interviewed by the Alligator in reference to the library café.  He anticipates the interview resulting in a Gainesville Sun article.

Library West Construction:

Compact Shelving:

Space Saver is approximately four weeks behind with the compact shelving installation.


At the time of the last tomography scan there appeared to be significant amounts of water underneath the old roof.  As a result, the new roof will be temporarily removed to assess how/why the water got there.  UF Physical Plant Division believes it was a result of the LW construction project because a year ago UF PPD conducted a tomography scan that did not locate any water.  The old LW roof vendor assessed the situation and could not locate the water.  He recommended installing a couple roof vents however the UF PPD is demanding the entire roof be replaced.  The cost to replace the roof would be approximately $21,000.  The cost to install the roof vents would be approximately $600.  These two options are currently being discussed.  Money for either option would come out the LW project construction budget.

5th Floor Balcony Handrail:

UF PPD has requested a handrail be installed on the 5th floor balcony to prevent accidental falls.  The cost to purchase and install the railing would be approximately $37,000 and installation would take approximately 8-10 weeks.  Money for the handrail would come out the LW project construction budget.


The UF Administration has not provided the library or the UF LW Project Manager with any updated information so the Library went ahead and installed hickory wood panels in that space as originally planned.

Ed Poppell did say at the last Policy Council on Academic Infrastructure and Support that the café would be a Star Bucks and be approximately 500 sq ft.


The architects are conducting inspections.  Thus far the inspections are going well and the 4th, 5th and 6th floors have received partial substantial completion ratings.

Dale Canelas told the University Libraries Committee she anticipates LW opening to the public around June 1st.  NOTE: This is purely a “best guess” estimate.  The building will be open to the public no later than two weeks before the fall semester.

It still is not clear when the collections that will be housed in LW will be moved back.  This depends on the shelving and staging.  The shelving may not have to be complete when materials begin to be moved back in.  Staff and materials will probably be moved separately due to the completion date change.

Work has begun on the grounds.  By approximately March 26th the grounds and the building exterior will look complete.

The textured glass panel(s) installation has begun.

The skylight sunscreens are being installed.

The final HVAC flush has been completed and we are waiting on the air quality test results.

The automatic lighting switches have been installed and are functioning.

Status of vacancy searches:

Jeffrey Barr (Special Collections) – Human Resources is waiting to receive information from the division before posting.  The position vacancy will probably not be posted until July 2006.

HelenJane Armstrong (Map Library) – The division is just about done updating the position description and has recommendations for the search committee membership.

Gary Cornwell - Human Resources is waiting to receive information from the division before posting.

Digital Metadata Librarian – The search is underway with a March deadline.

Director of Development – The position has been posted and will close March 3, 2006.  Tatiana Barr requested information about Sandy Melching’s accomplishments while she was Director of Development.  Bill Covey will provide Tatiana with the endowment report Dale Canelas disseminated to Library Council members and selectors.

Dale Canelas is attempting to develop a budget that is easier to utilize. The Library Business Service Office is also trying to generate better reports.  For example, online OPS reports are being created.

UF IT Reorganization Plan:

Last week UF announced its IT reorganization plan.  It is planning to centralize commodity IT tasks such as networking, email service and desktop service, etc.  Web hosting centralization is also planned. It is possible some Library Systems Department positions will be reassigned to UF.  UF is not looking to provide special services support for areas such as Docutek, E-Res, etc. so the library would still require systems staff.

Service level agreements are a possibility.

Free modem service will no longer be available to employees.

Regional Depository Facility:

A Regional Depository Facility is always being discussed among the various universities however this type of facility is not anticipated any time soon.

Marston Science Library

Compact Shelving:

Bill Covey is working to resolve MSL’s compact shelving problems.

Maps Library:

The leaks in the Map Library are being worked on.  Temporary barriers were installed and seem to be working.  A larger project will be completed this summer to address the leakage problems in a more permanent manner.

Smathers Library:

The Library and UF PPD are working to try to solve the ventilation problems in Smathers Library.  A controller is being installed.

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