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Communications Committee

Meeting Notes
January 10, 2006
Smathers Library Conference Room

Members Present:  Tatiana Barr, Pam Cenzer, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio (facilitator), Lori Driscoll, LeiLani Freund, Barbara Hood, Suzanne Kiker, Jim Liversidge, Tom Minton, Jan Swanbeck, Misty Swain and Ben Walker
Members Absent: Shelley Arlen, Brian Keith and Rob Roberts

Action Items:

Name Tags:

The staff name tag policy is not being widely observed.  Bill Covey will investigate.

Library West Construction:

The Library has not received updated coffee shop information.  The UF Project Manager has requested updated information from Aramark but has yet to receive a response.

The process for installing compact shelving began yesterday.  The first truck load of shelving is expected today.  The installation will take approximately 18 weeks from yesterday.

Officially, February 9, 2006 is still the substantial completion date however this date is expected to be moved forward.  The Certificate of Substantial Completion has to be issued prior to any anyone or anything moving in.

The hanger door that will block access to the second floor after library closing hours is installed and functioning.

The lettering, “LUX” on the exterior of the building stands for light.

When materials are moved back into Library West will depend on when the Certificate of Substantial Completion is issued.  The move back to Library West is being bid on two ways, one includes books only and the other includes books and staff.  Cost may play a role on how the moves are completed.

MSL Compact Shelving:

The MSL compact shelving malfunctions at least a couple times a week.  The Repair Service’s response time is good however the repairs only seem to last for a couple of days.  This results in frequent use of the override key.  Bill Covey will try to assess the cause(s) of the malfunctions.

Electronic Bulletin Board:

Bill Covey will check into the status of restoring the Electronic Bulletin Board.

Recent Deaths of Retired Library Employees:

Some library employees have expressed concern that the Library Administration did not distribute announcements about the recent deaths of former library employees.  A recommendation was made to review the Library Death Announcement Policy.

Library issues in the Alligator:

Some library employees have expressed concern that library issues are not being communicated to staff prior to being published in the Alligator.   Bill Covey acknowledged he was quoted in yesterday’s Alligator however that information had already been communicated library wide.  In order to respond to employee concerns he would need to know the specific case.

TS Workspace Assessment:

Technology Services is currently conducting a work space assessment. This information is available in the Microsoft Outlook Public Folder, TS Stuff.  Tatiana Barr attended the last TSMG Meeting to hear discussion about the TS Workspace Assessment.   The workspace assessment is being completed to assess the logistics of Technology Services being located in an off-site facility (totally dependent on UF giving the Library another bldg) as well as to determine how Library East will be utilized when Library West staff move out.

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