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Communication Committee with Directors

Meeting Notes
December 8, 2005
Smathers Library Conference Room

Members Present:  Shelley Arlen, Tatiana Barr, Pam Cenzer, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio (facilitator), LeiLani Freund, Barbara Hood, Brian Keith, Suzanne Kiker, Jim Liversidge, Tom Minton, Rob Roberts and Misty Swain
Members Absent: Tom Minton, Jan Swanbeck and Ben Walker
Guests: Joe Aufmuth, Dale Canelas, David Hickey, Martha Hruska, and Carol Kem

Action Items:

Faculty Governance:

Some of the Library Senators and some Faculty Governance Working Group (FGWG) members were present at this meeting to discuss faculty governance at the UF Libraries.  On December 6, 2004, Library faculty met to discuss the summer 2004 UF Faculty Survey results.  One of the outcomes of this meeting was the desire to explore Faculty Governance. As a result, in November 2005 the FGWG was formed to explore possible shared faculty governance models that are used within the broader UF community, such as the College of Education, and other ARL level Libraries for possible implementation at the UF Libraries. This group consists of 10 faculty volunteers and reports to the Faculty Assembly.  The group will meet monthly over the course of the 2005-2006 school year and will report to the Faculty Assembly. 

The Faculty Assembly is a series of nine meetings (to be held in 2005-2006) envisioned by the Library Senators with the dual purpose of gathering feedback on University wide Senate issues and allowing a face-to-face forum where all Library Faculty can explore governance issues.

These groups are trying to create a governance model that includes staff.  A “Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries” Web page is available at  All of the Faculty Governance Work Group and Faculty Assemblies are open meetings and fall under the Sunshine Law.

Library West Construction:

Shelving installation is due to begin January 10, 2006 and should take approximately 18 weeks to complete.  The possibility of shortening the shelving installation time period has been reviewed but currently the work crew isn’t large enough.  Furniture installation will take approximately 8 weeks once the shelving installation is complete. The furniture crew wants total use of the building during their deliveries.  The logistics of getting all the required deliveries made is being worked on and should be available at the next meeting.

The book move cost is not known at this time as the bid process is not complete.

The tentative opening date is May/June so a spring opening is not very probable.  Some Admin staff may move back in February, but not other staff.

The Library has not been provided with any updated coffee shop information, except that 15 library seats are being taken away.

Carol Turner is drafting the Library West Service Policies.  She will present the final versions for approval at the December 14th University Libraries Committee meeting.  Visiting faculty carrels are not very likely considering Library West will only house approximately 84 carrels. 

TS Workspace Assessment:

Technology Services is currently conducting a work space assessment.  This information is available in the Microsoft Outlook Public Folder, TS Stuff.  A full report is anticipated by the end of the month.  It is not certain if Special Collections is conducting a work space assessment.

Smathers Library:

The Smathers Library Conference Room will remain a conference room after Library West staff vacate Smathers Library.  A permanent projector may be installed however a computer will not due to security concerns.  The room will however continue to be laptop accessible.  The wall forming the mailroom will be taken down when mail service returns to Library West.

No decisions have been made about how Smathers Room 100 will be utilized after Library West staff vacate the building.

Library classification structure:

Current library position classifications are being reviewed.  The review will not include library clerical and facility positions or library positions that exist elsewhere in the University.  Information is being collected from other University Research Libraries.  The information will be assessed, used in conjunction with current position classifications to develop generic position classifications and then assistance will be sought from UF Human Resources.  UF Human Resources is supportive of the Library developing a classification structure that makes sense for the Libraries.  Library Human Resource Head Brian Keith is open to receiving examples of library classification structures staff are aware of and think are good.  Current library staff will have input into the reclassification process.

Faculty Survey:

President Machen feels it would cost too much to provide the comments section data.

A recommendation was made to have the Faculty Assembly decide if a library meeting will be held to address survey results.

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