Communications Committee

Meeting Notes

December 11, 2007


Library West Conference Room 429



Members Present: Alena Aissing, Christine Cogar, Sonia Coleman, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio, Brian Keith, Paul Lightcap, Hikaru Nakano, Colleen Seale

Members Absent: Michelle Foss



  1. Future Plans for the Smathers Building

         Colleen inquired about long-range plans for relocating Area Studies, Preservation, and the DLC.

         Bill responded that there are no current plans to relocate any Departments in Library East, though there have been rumors circulating about UF shuffling Departments on-campus.

         Library Committees were formed to estimate functional space needs for Special Collections and Tech Services, but these were not aimed at specific locations.

         Other factors which could affect plans for Smathers

    • UF is building an office building and will rent out space to Departments. This may also free up space on campus which could be made available to the Libraries.
    • A realty company is contracting with UF to build research facilities which could also make other space available.
    • A parking garage is slated to go in behind Tigert. The concrete should arrive next month. If that happens, it could make more space reallocations available as new buildings go up in the current Criser parking lot.


  1. Strategic Planning Status

         Colleen inquired about current status and group membership

         The Strategic Planning Task Forces act as fact-finding groups for future organization. They are in various stages of forming memberships and arranging meeting times.

         More information is available here, and the most up-to-date information was presented at the most recent Library Council meeting.


  1. ALF Status

         Colleen inquired whether ALF is accepting materials

         Special Collections is working on a Boxing Project at ALF. It is 85% complete.

         After this project is finished, the available space may be used for additional AFA storage or co-operative J-STOR storage with FSU.

         If both AFA and FSU move materials into ALF in the near future, most available space will probably be filled.

         CSUL is working on a proposal to move a new joint Storage Facility up on the building list, which would mean starting construction within a year. This new facility will be shelf-by-size.

         There has been discussion over whether to move portions of DLC and Preservation to ALF when the Storage Facility is built, but this has not been finalized.


  1. Security

         The existing security contract with our current security vendor, USNPS, hit a monetary cap, thus creating a need for pre-bid meetings.

         USNPS did not bid, and there were only two bids that met our requirements.

         The new security contract is with Admiral, an Ocala-based security service. The 1-year contract is effective as of January 2008.

         As an approach to evaluating the effectiveness of the security contract, Library West and MSL criminal statistics were pulled. They showed that most crime, such as theft, occurs during daylight hours, so it is difficult to say the guards are reducing crime.

         At the end of the contract, the Security project will be evaluated for efficacy.


  1. Flooring

         Library West is awaiting final flooring samples to replace the cork flooring on the first and second floors. Samples have been narrowed to a thin marble-chipped option and a rubberized option.

o        Samples were rated based on resistance to special handling, durability, tone, and echo.

o        The rubberized option is quieter, but more expensive.

         Marston and PPD have reached an impasse regarding carpet sample agreement. There has been discussion on re-purposing MSL within the next few years.

o        PPD plans to move undamaged MSL tiles from other floors to repair the gap on the second floor, and use a different product in other damaged areas.

o        Bill will work on a time-line.