Communications Committee

Meeting Notes

November 13, 2007


Library West Conference Room 429



Members Present:Alena Aissing, Christine Cogar, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio, Brian Keith, Hikaru Nakano, Colleen Seale

Members Absent: Sonia Coleman, Michelle Foss, Paul Lightcap



  1. Reclassification/Budget

         The second half of Market Equity Raises will be reflected in the November 21st paycheck for qualifying staff members.This increase is an attempt to equalize Library staff pay rates with campus-wide averages.

         Alena inquired about the status of Librarian raises.Brian explained that the University of Florida imposes pay increases for Faculty.UF Librarians receive a good rate of pay in national comparison.

         Brian detailed the Librarian Equity Adjustment process.The Faculty Assembly has not responded to the Librariesí recommendations, nor presented recommendations to the Directors.This is an on-going process.


  1. Endeca

         Alena reported that the new version of Endeca is not working well in terms of displaying foreign characters.Additional problems with the new version were discussed, including call number search problems and title and keyword definitions.

         Bill provided an in-depth explanation of the decision behind purchasing Endeca as the new OPAC.He also stated that there are two options available if Endeca proves to be undesirable: contact Ex Libris about needed changes or change to a different OPAC.

         Colleen Seale is the new representative on the Endeca OPAC Subcommittee.She reported that FCLA has been working on searchable browsing and re-indexing.Changes have been made concerning highlighting.Any concerns should be forwarded to her.

         There will be a Visioning Summit on January 25th.There will be a meeting before the Summit to discuss Web 2.0, Wikis, AquaBrowser, and additional enhancements.An Endeca Workshop will be scheduled once Colleen is settled in her new position.

         There are eight new directors among the eleven universities represented in CSUL.Hopes are that these changes will foster a more responsive FCLA.

         There is a current communication gap with Endeca problem reporting.Any issues should be sent upward.

         The underlying Aleph OPAC is stationary.There is no plan to move the Aleph OPAC soon.


  1. UFL Domain Renaming Proposal

         Bill reported on a proposal to change the University of Floridaís domain page from to

         This would require a complete re-order of stationery and UF-associated products.It would also change the Google page rank and the domain.

         The CCC has not expressed support of this proposal.