Communications Committee

Meeting Notes

October 9, 2007


Library West Conference Room 429



Members Present:  Alena Aissing, Christine Cogar, Sonia Coleman, Trudi DiTrolio, Brian Keith, Paul Lightcap, Hikaru Nakano, Colleen Seale

Members Absent: Bill Covey, Michelle Foss



  1. Announcements

·         Bill was unavailable to attend the meeting, but the meeting convened in order to facilitate any questions.


  1. Reclassification/Budget

·         A 4.26% cut from last year’s budget equals approximately $96K, to be removed from recurring funds.  These budget cuts were spread across all areas as proportionally as possible.

·         The University Libraries Budget was submitted to the Provost on Friday, October 5.  Approval is pending. 

·         If the budget is approved, additional hiring funds will be taken on a needed basis from the reduced budget.  The submitted budget also proposed the second half of reclassification to occur this fiscal year.

·         The $1K bonus is slated to be dispensed on November 9.

·         OPS funding distribution has not been completely efficient; however, it is unlikely that additional funding will be distributed without demonstrable need. 

·         Layoffs are improbable, but Brian stressed the importance of a prudent fiscal year in order to prevent them in the future.


  1. Strategic Planning

·         Four fact-finding Task Forces are being formed.  More information is available here.

·         Bill Covey will head the Humanities and Social Sciences Task Force, Michele Crump will head the Biological and Physical Sciences Task Force, Shelley Arlen will head the Special, Specialized and Area Studies Task Force, and John Ingram will head the Undergraduate Education Task Force.