Communications Committee

Meeting Notes

September 11, 2007


Library West Conference Room 429



Members Present:  Christine Cogar, Sonia Coleman, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio, Brian Keith, Paul Lightcap, Hikaru Nakano, Colleen Seale

Members Absent: Alena Aissing, Michelle Foss



  1. Game Day Security

·         So far, there have been no problems with security coverage on Football Game Days.  PPD kept the bathrooms well-stocked.

·         H & SSS will begin staffing the 3rd floor Reference Desk with students only on Saturdays this Fall.

·         This weekend, a UPD officer will stand at the Library West front entrance while a security guard patrols inside the building.

·         MSL was reportedly busy early on Saturday, with students studying before the game.


  1. MSL Water Damage

·         The damaged carpets have been removed, but not replaced.  The water has evaporated, but this presents an aesthetic problem.

·         PPD is awaiting their yearly budget before deciding whether to replace the carpet or tile the areas around bathrooms and fountains.

·         A possible MSL renovation in up-coming years will influence the decision.


  1. Strategic Planning

·         Four fact-finding Task Forces are being formed.  More information is available here.

·         A Kick-off Meeting will take place in a few weeks.

·         The Task Forces will wrap up evaluations toward the end of November. They will reconvene in January to start the internal process of designing a multi-year plan.

·         A resolution for current Interim Positions will need to be determined before Strategic Planning can be properly implemented.


  1. Reclassification/Budget

·         A 4.2% cut from last year’s budget equals approximately $96K, to be removed from recurring funds. 

·         Brian encouraged using Federal Work Study employees, as opposed to OPS, for student work.  He warned against using too much of departmental OPS budgets too early, as there is no guarantee for additional funding later.

·         As of Friday, there were only 50 student positions available on-campus.  There is currently a larger student labor pool than job availability.

·         Brian has created a listserv for more information on student job openings in the Libraries.  For more information, contact Brian.