Communications Committee

Meeting Notes

July 10, 2007


Library West Conference Room 429



Members Present: Christine Cogar, Sonia Coleman, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio, Michelle Foss, Brian Keith, Paul Lightcap, Hikaru Nakano, Colleen Seale

Members Absent: Alena Aissing



  1. Announcements

         This was the first meeting of the new CMC representatives.

         Trudi and Bill gave a brief overview of the Committee charge and responsibilities. The 6-month appointment is in place so as to ensure all staff an opportunity to sit on the Committee.

         The Bean Bag chairs have been removed from the 3rd Floor of West. There has been ample student uproar regarding this issue, but there is no plan to replace the chairs and the Directors are not yet sure what will become of the extra space.


  1. Reclassification

         Bill and Brian reported that the remaining 50% of raises are now in limbo, due to the budget.

         No decision on further action will be made until January 2008 at the earliest. The $1K bonus this fall is still in effect.


  1. Hiring Freeze

         A University-wide hiring freeze is in effect, and could continue for the next two fiscal years.

         The Libraries will have to apply for exemption for open positions, and filled positions must be able to fit into current budget. As of now, all pending exemptions look as though they will be granted.

         There is no indication that the freeze will affect benefits or the materials budget in any way.

         Faculty/staff are encouraged to bring outside funding to the Libraries. The Capital Campaign will begin this Fall. Grant writing is also encouraged.

         The travel budget will be affected, though it is unclear by how much.


  1. Strategic Planning

         The Directors will try to begin Strategic Planning this August.

         The Planning will be structured differently than it has been in the past, with a focus on long-term changes.

         The decision regarding a Health Sciences merger will influence Planning.


  1. The Library Convocation will be August 15. There will be a special competitive event for the Directors.