Communications Committee

Meeting Notes

February 12, 2008


Library West Conference Room 429



Members Present:  Sonia Coleman, Bill Covey, George Gonzalez, Brian Keith, Paul Lightcap, Hikaru Nakano, Colleen Seale

Members Absent: Alena Aissing, Christine Cogar, Michelle Foss



  1. Library Reorganization

·         There will be official announcements regarding library reassignments.  No staff have been moved thus far.

·         The Human Resources Department has been merged with the Business Services Office. Brian Keith is the head of the combined units. 

·         Staff evaluations will take place as usual, covering the March 1, 2007 – February 28, 2008 work period.  Staff members with more than one supervisor during that period will receive feedback from both.

·         The effective date is TBA.  The Associate Dean positions will be posted this month.  Dean Russell hopes to have filled the top levels by the middle of 2008 and integrate remaining changes by the end of the year.

·         There is a blog which serves as a forum for updated information.  Anonymous comments are permitted, though personal attacks or posts which do not contribute to the advancement of discussion will be removed.  Links are being added to the blog sidebar, which will include and updated organization chart.  A link to this blog will be added to the main Library web page.


  1. LibQual +

·         Bill presented an in-depth summary of the recent LibQual survey results.  He stressed that this survey was not taken from a random sample and can not be viewed as the opinions of the all University of Florida staff, faculty, and students.

·         Dean Russell has provided the results to a few different groups and asked for suggestions on taking the next step.

·         A part-time staff member is being hired to assist in finishing response coding.

·         Responding faculty members rated the Libraries as “above desired” in Library As Place and “below desired” in Information Control.

·         A PDF of the results and raw data will be made available.


  1. Town Meeting Agenda Items

·         There will be a Town Meeting on February 28th from 1pm-2:30pm in Smathers Conference Room 1A to discuss Faculty Recruitment.

·         There will be a Town Meeting on March 5th from 9:30am-11am in Smathers Conference Room 1A to discuss Library Reorganization.

·         The following Town Meeting will be held April 24.  Suggested topics include LibQual + and the budget.


  1. Budget Cuts

·         Bill emphasized that the Libraries have been promised there will be no more call backs this fiscal year, but that another 4% cut is anticipated for the 2008-09 fiscal year.