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Communicating with Users Group

Meeting Notes - February 7, 2005

Communicating with Users

Meeting Notes from February 7, 2005

Reports from Members

  1. Angela gave a presentation on e-reserves to collection managers on February 2.   She has scheduled sessions with graduate students and with Betsy Simpson and Michelle Foss.  Angela and Heidi are attending a Neflin copyright workshop on February 11.
  2. Angela reminded staff of the teleconference on library marketing at 12-2 on February 18.   Members of this group are encouraged to attend.
  3. Barbara Hood reported that she’s gearing up for more READ posters.   Mary Collins is scheduled to be photographed, and Barbara is working with Tom Caswell to make posters on several key AFA faculty.   These will be displayed in the AFA library.
  4. The Readathon will be held April 11-14 during National Library Week (and FLA).   There is an enthusiastic committee working on this. There will be a children’s day (Tuesday) with children from Baby Gator and some local schools attending.   Albert and Alberta and other special guests will be attending.   Food may be available.
  5. Chelsea reported on the ALA Let’s Talk About It project on Jewish Literature – a program scheduled for summer and fall of 2006.   Deadline for application for this grant ($1500) and participation in the program is April 1.   Chelsea has talked with Judith Page, head of the Jewish Studies Center, and she is very interested.   Hillel is also interested in being involved.   John will ask Robert Shaddy about housing events in the Research Room.   Jenna suggested that the public library might be interested in working with us on an event.   (NOTE:   I spoke with Dale Canelas about this program, and she thinks it would be great for us to participate.   Chelsea and others, can you begin looking at the application?)
  6. Chelsea reported briefly on the Portrait of the New Learner symposium that she and Carol attended in Orlando.   A main focal point was on the very different way that young people are growing up because of the changes in technology.   Education is challenged to change approaches to meet the needs of this new group.   Some of what we heard will be very pertinent as we make efforts to present the libraries to new students.
  7. Marina reported on the focus groups that were held as part of concept planning for technology in Library West.   A group in the College of Architecture agreed to take the library as a topic for a special series of focus groups last Friday.   Mirroring the “new learners” one developing idea is the ability to create customized pages designed to meet the unique needs of individuals.
  8. Marina reported that the Information Station will be out from March 7 to April 20 at 3 locations:   between Smathers and Anderson, on the south side of the Plaza of the Americas, and behind the Hub.

Future project:   a suggestion was made that the libraries might develop traveling exhibits that could move around the state and increase awareness of the libraries.

Balanced Scorecard/Marketing Planning

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to discussion of the scorecard and development of a marketing plan.   There was general agreement that the scorecard as it currently exists is too general and that by listing two budget items first, it puts the cart before the horse.  

The group decided that:

Carol Turner

February 8, 2005


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