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Communicating with Users Group

Meeting Notes - February 28, 2005

Communicating with Users

Meeting Notes from February 28, 2005

Teleconference highlights

  1. The library marketing teleconference is now available online for those who missed it.
  2. Angela distributed her notes from the teleconference.
  3. Chelsea noted that the library as the “third place” was a concept that was reiterated during the teleconference.

Focus Groups

Marina and Tom reported information gleaned from focus groups brought together to discuss the 3re floor of Library West.   They talked about the need to provide welcoming and pleasant space.   There is a need to deal with the intimidation of the desk and library jargon.   And, there is a general perception that copy service is a big problem

Signage is inadequate and confusing.   It is difficult for people to find libraries, library service points, and library staff when they need them.

Library information needs to be accurate (question about notification for material retrieved) and consistent.

Traveling Jewish History Exhibit

Chelsea has received enthusiastic interest and willingness to participate from Jewish Studies.   Special Collections initially indicated they are unable to host, but this will be pursued.   Chelsea and Marina are interested in working on this project.   The deadline for submitting for a project in summer of fall of 2006 is Sept. 30, 2005.

Faculty Authors

There was additional discussion about this program and some concern about who would resume responsibility for it.   The group decided to aim toward a pilot program in the fall and then determine whether and who will continue.   Carol is interested in working on the project.   Angela, Marina, and Chelsea volunteered to work with her.

Committee Charge and Action

There is now a web page for the committee.   Carol will verify the charge and get the meeting notes posted.

The Plan

The Committee needs to meet more frequently to meet its goal of completing a plan by April 1.

The next meeting will be on Friday at 11 (room isn’t available earlier) in the Smathers Conference Room.

Carol will draft a mission statement for the meeting.

We’ll focus on goals.

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