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Staff Recognition and Awards Committee Minutes

October 18, 2004


Ann passed out a draft of our Interim Report to the directors.   Suggestions were made to recommend calling the Holiday Party committee to action.   Ann will send the report to the directors today.

Trudi reported that she has had $10,000 placed in her budget. She also reported that Melody is resigning and this will affect the United Way committee. After a small discussion, the group agreed the United Way doesn’t fall into this committee’s charge.

Ann passed out score cards so the group can be thinking about how current recognition practices reflect the libraries’ mission and values.

Discussion on what to include in a staff survey

An idea for peer recognition – Have a suggestion/recognition box. Employees nominate co-workers for recognition. One name is pulled each month for an award. All names are placed somewhere for recognition.

Tara is going to check on UF’s policy for monetary awards.

Trudi is going to check if Time/Leave can be awarded.

It was suggested we have a workshop to teach supervisors to recognize/reward staff on a regular basis.

We should try and reinstitute the State of the Library address.

Awards should have a name so they can be properly recorded on Annual Activity Reports and in Evaluation letters.

Next meeting tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 25 at 11am.

Submitted by Tara Cataldo

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