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TS Aleph Implementation Group


Betsy Simpson (Chair), Jason Fleming, Jean Bostwick, Cecilia Botero, Steve Carrico, Matthew Daley, Gerald Langford, Paul Lightcap, Jimmie Lundgren, Raimonda Margioni, Cathy Martyniak, Lawan Orser, Nelda Schwartz, Doug Smith, Jan Swanbeck, Priscilla Williams, Naomi Young


Coordinate cataloging, serials and acquisitions implementation activities, including the following:


RS Migration Group


Betsy Simpson (Chair), Julia Allen, Jean Bostwick, Cecilia Botero, Michele Crump, Barbara Gunderson, Carol Harris, Dot Hope, Suzanne Kiker, Gerald Langford, Jimmie Lundgren, Cathy Mook, Lily Nguyen, Lawan Orser, Nelda Schwartz, Phek Su, Jan Swanbeck, Nancy Williams, Naomi Young



RS Preliminary LMS Migration Planning Group


Betsy Simpson (Chair), Phek Su, Michele Crump, Naomi Young, Suzanne Kiker, Nancy Williams, Lawan Orser, Jimmie Lundgren


Continue identifying migration issues in bibliographic, holdings, and acquisitions records. See LMS Project Inventory in Public Folders, prepared by Dot Hope 4/27/01.

Coordinate cleanup of dirty and inconsistent data and begin to identify records that need not migrate to new system. To accomplish cleanup projects, the group will need to coordinate with FCLA and other Smathers library staff as necessary.

Begin identifying bibliographic, holdings, order, vendor, and other associated records for test loads.

RS Preliminary Migration Planning Group is preliminary to a more extensive library-wide Migration Planning Group that will be set up in the Fall once a library system vendor decision is made. It is anticipated the preliminary planning will go on through September 2001.
Communications and Method of Operation:

Deliberations of the RS Preliminary Migration Planning Group will be shared for feedback, with all RS staff through email alerts to documents in the Public folder, LMS Project Inventory.

At such time when a system vendor decision is made, a library web site will be established for the many facets of the overall migration process, including the RS piece.
The RS Preliminary Migration Planning Group will meet virtually and physically as necessary to coordinate and communicate who is doing what. Primarily, the group will be task-oriented, focused on getting cleanup projects done.

Prepared by: Martha Hruska May 24, 2001
Last updated: November 15, 2006


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