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RS Preliminary LMS Migration Planning Group Minutes

June 27, 2001

Meeting objective:

to review ideas and information gathered at ALA 2001 Annual Meeting
to share information about the status of the projects we decided to focus on at the 5/14 meeting
to talk about other projects we may be working on or need to work on

Michele participated in a preconference, "Above Reproach: Ethics and the Business of Acquisitions," sponsored by the ALCTS Acquisitions Section, Education Committee ( Part of the discussion centered on ILS implementation and data migration. Karl Debus, U. Wisconsin Madison, described his institution's experience migrating from NOTIS to Voyager and covered issues related to fund codes, vendor records, and order records. Based on comments made, Michele stated that during this pre-migration period she wants Acquisitions to focus on 1) creating vendor records for those vendors without records 2) reviewing our ledger fund record structure, particularly the expenditure class codes and fund codes and 3) possibly creating fund code records for antiquated funds. Re. the retention of Acquisitions data, we might consider archiving the previous five years in an ACCESS file. Naomi mentioned that Southern Methodist U. kept double books for serials for six months after implementation. Michele also said another pre-conference speaker highlighted the importance of traning staff with each new version of the ILS, not just the initial implementation version.

Betsy talked about the ALCTS Catalog Management Discussion Group Meeting where the topic was system migration. Jim LeBlanc, Cornell U., discussed Cornell's migration from NOTIS to Voyager and Rob Freeborn, Penn State U., covered PSU's migration from a home-grown system to SIRSI. Jim and others explained the importance of creating an extensive test file of records representing a wide variety of potential problems (e.g., diacritics, lengthy 505s, call number formatting), and he distributed examples of spreadsheets Cornell created for their migration. At the OCLC Update Breakfast, Betsy met Sandy Card, Head of Cataloging Services at SUNY Binghamton, an institution migrating from NOTIS to Ex Libris. Sandy also described the importance of creating a test file of records and spoke highly of Ex Libris and their migration experience thus far. Betsy recommended that we work on developing a test file. Nancy recommended using 035s to index the selected test records. See for FCLA information about the creation of test loads and instructions on formatting the 035s.

At the Catalog Management Discussion Group Meeting comments were also made that pre-migration activities should address unlinked item records and withdrawals. Lawan reported that there are 36,757 unlinked item records, the vast majority of which (95% or 34,824) are materials on reserve. Of the remaining 5%, 3% (1,070) are Dewey, 1% (667) are LC, and 1% (196) are SuDoc.

Status of current projects:

  • 043 non-standard data on serial records and monographic set records (Naomi, Nancy)
    UPDATE: It was suggested that we might be able to have FCLA change the nonstandard 043 as a process before the load or as loading occurs based on the format of the field (i.e., not being small letters in a seven character subfield a). The fields that do not match the format of the 043 field might be turned into unindexed 035s.
  • 9XX issues (Jimmie, Lawan, Phek, Betsy)

9XX (encl=9) records
BACKGROUND: 9XX tags aren't MARC. How will 9XX records migrate? Must these be converted to MARC tags before migration? 9XX records are used for electronic ordering and to provide access before title is fully cataloged. Created by CM, RS, Docs, SpeCol, Pres. DECISION: will not attempt to change EO process; will negotiate with vendor to handle migration of data as it exists

Firm fields on 9XX (encl=9) records
BACKGROUND: FCLA has produced report of firm field records containing 9XX fields. Valid 9XX fields have been identified and others eliminated/retagged. Not sure of status. DECISION: UF's records have been fixed; Law and HSCL have been notified of their records. The report was worked on by Nancy and Dot.

9XX fields on firm records
BACKGROUND: Have requested a report from FCLA of encl 9 records containing firm fields. According to spreadsheet, this report should have been available first week of May. Spreadsheet mentions records for some NTIS fiche, serial retention decision fields, monograph arrearage fields, AGRICOLA fields. DECISION: records needing revision have been corrected. Both this report and the above report should be run right before migration to pick up any other records that meet these criteria between the cleanup and the migration.

9XX QZ records
BACKGROUND: Acquisition membership ordering records used to pay for multiple titles from one body. Approximately 232 LUIS records have titles beginning with QZ followed by the name of an association or the like. According to spreadsheet, these 9XX records should migrate in same manner as other 9XX records. Acq has no plans to eliminate these until they see how new LMS can meet the need. Search jx=qz. DECISION: on hold

  • Payment records (Suzanne, Michele) - will examine non-standard notes and identify test load records
    UPDATE: working on identifying non-standard notes
  • Spreadsheet sort (Lawan, Betsy)
    UPDATE: met to brainstorm about what could be done; on hold
  • Call number formatting on serial records (Naomi, Nancy)
    UPDATE: strong opinions that this should be able to be handled through programming; noticed note on Jim LeBlanc's Cornell spreadsheet: 'Semicolons have been removed and replaced by spaces, except when the classification status code = L. In those cases, semicolons between the first alpha sequence and the first numeric sequence in the LC classification, as well as semicolons that directly precede decimal points in NOTIS $b (Voyager $h) have been removed without substituting a space. All other semicolons in such cases have been removed and replaced by spaces. Example: "$b G;5834;P3;P2;1936 $c E3" becomes #$h G5834.P3 P2 1936 $i E3" '
  • Call number formatting on maps records (Jimmie)
    UPDATE: see above
  • Diacritics (Nancy)
    UPDATE: Nancy spoke to FCLA staff after the committee meeting about the possibility of separating the records with null values for diacritics. If possible, would like to have the records with null values put into a file, processed with the Oracle software to identify fields where the diacritics appear and produce an organized report, and then load the records in with spaces where the diacritics need correcting. Most important fields would be corrected first, such as 245, 1xx, 7xx, 4xx, etc. Spaces in English language titles in a 260 may never need correcting since the null values probably represented <>
  • General typos (Nancy)
    UPDATE: Jackie Heiland has begun working on the Ballard list of High possibility misspellings.
  • Identifying types of records which might not need to be migrated (Nancy, Suzanne and others)
    UPDATE: in process

Betsy reported that the temporary Archivist position opening has been extended until July 13. Betsy, Naomi, and Nancy will conduct the interviews, but other group members are welcome to participate.

A RS Preliminary Migration Working Group Web site has been created. It includes our charge, meeting minutes, useful links, and spreadsheets. See

Our next meeting will be scheduled for early fall.


  • create spreadsheets for inputting test conditions (Betsy)
    **draft spreadsheets done - available through RS LMS Migration Project Public Folder and eventually Working Group Web site**
  • create a process for involving staff in identifying test records (All)
  • contact Maggie Hogue at FCLA to request an up-to-date list of unlinked item records (Lawan)
  • provide group with statistical information re. withdrawals (Lawan)
  • review ledger fund record structure (Michele, Suzanne)
  • continue to work on projects above deemed worthy of pursuing (All)
  • explore possibility of meeting with Lydia Motyka, FCLA Training Coordinator, and Mary Ann O'Daniel (Betsy)
  • Include Cecilia Botero (HSCL) and Jean Bostwick (LL) on our committee (suggested by Nancy; Betsy will follow-up)

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson July 20, 2001


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