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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
December 14, 2006


Version 18

Rich distributed a detailed FAQ about the upgrade and announced that a UF-specific test client is available for downloading from FCLA's development server.  It includes the records in UF's STP test client (~80,000).  Naomi asked if the records are in their current or NOTIS iteration, and Rich said he would check with FCLA.  Cathy inquired if the data in UF's test client is alterable. [Per a later e-mail from Rich, he explained that altering the data is discouraged because currently there is no provision for restoring the data to its original version.] 

UF will migrate to the new version in July followed by the other SUL in the same order as STP and at a hoped-for rate of one library per week.  It's unclear at this stage whether a system downtime will occur.

Although Ex Libris intends to issue annual version upgrades, Rich said that FCLA expects to implement upgrades on a biennial basis.  

Print and Media Management Committee (PMMC)
Steve shared
information about the newly appointed PMMC (formerly A-Team).  Reporting to Steve and Cathy, PMMC consists of Bobby Parker and Raimonda Margioni, as co-chairs, and reps from across Smathers.  Cathy commented that HSCL and Law are welcome to participate, and Jean asked that she and Pam Williams be included.  Jan asked that Jody Hewitt be added to the group as well.  PMMC will hold its first meeting in January.  The committee charge states:

The PMMC will serve as the central location within the UF Libraries system where issues relating to the check-in, claiming, binding and preservation processing of print periodicals and annuals will be discussed.  As needed, issues relating to monographs and microforms will also be discussed.  The Committee will actively promote library wide communication regarding these issues.  The Committee will also discuss the care and long-term preservation of materials that include media such as CD's, DVD's, maps, plates, etc.

Serial holdings
Jason, Naomi, and Betsy are collaborating to extract a file of serial holdings to send to OCLC.  The parameter for extraction is the serials format type (WTP=se).  OCLC will batchload the file for a nominal setup fee of $361.92.  The plan is to send OCLC periodic update files.  Jean expressed an interest in Law's holdings being included in the project.  Betsy will contact Cecilia about HSCL's holdings.

In process requests
Matthew and Rich described efforts to establish request links for SR, PP, and TR Item Process Statuses.  The request links are desirable for many items, but not all (e.g., videos, non-circulating).  Selectively implementing the functionality requires complex table revisions by FCLA.

Matthew continues to work on the printer setups.  He recommended that PP (Physical Processing) requests be sent to CatMet with SR and TR going to Circ.  [Subsequent to the meeting, Doug expressed to Matthew his desire to discuss this further because of his concern that handling PP requests would divert CatMet staff time from rushes and other cataloging to searching for non-rush items.]

Nancy and Priscilla voiced their reservations about the current pace of loading the names authority file.  It is close to three years behind with loads current through 2004, week 11.  The files are large and in need of review and manipulation.  This plus limited staff and system resources negatively impact the ability of FCLA to process the files more quickly.  A likely slowdown of loading due to the version upgrade will further exacerbate the situation.  Previously, the SUL Authorities Subcommittee suggested that FCLA purchase a new names file rather than attempting to load years worth of update files.  Although this would require relinking the authorities and bibs for names (assuming series could be segregated - the series file is up-to-date), Nancy and Priscilla believe it would be more cost-effective.  Priscilla will pursue this with the Subcommittee again.

1/11/07 TS/PS/CM meeting
The group brainstormed topics for the upcoming TS/PS/CM meeting on January 11:

Joint Bibs Task Group
Betsy reported that the task group is making progress with plans to share bibs across the library system (draft guideline).  HSCL is now interested in participating.  Jean commented that HSCL, Law, and Smathers need to remember to update their holdings in OCLC when adding a copy to each other's bibs.  This applies to Division of Plant Industry bibs as well.  Jason will develop a macro to assist with updating holdings as adds are cataloged.

Gerald said he would begin the global change of UD and ML OWNs to PUBLIC after consulting with Documents. [Update - GenLoad now includes an option to overlay irrespective of OWN code.  As a result, there is no need to do a global change (i.e., incoming Marcive records with PUBLIC OWN will overlay matching UD and ML records.]

CM Support has already changed the OWNs on their templates to PUBLIC.

Calhoun webcast

Betsy asked if the webcast of Karen Calhoun's presentation at the 12/8/06 CCLA/FCLA joint meeting is available yet.  Rich said he would check with FCLA.


The next TS/PS/CM meeting will take place on Thursday, January 11, 10:00-11:30am, MSL 107.  The next TS Aleph meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 8, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.  


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