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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
November 10, 2005

Aleph reports


Donna Alsbury, FCLA Systems Librarian, gave a presentation regarding FCLA's efforts to develop replacements for the most used reports in NOTIS ARROW.  She commented that it is possible to get some data from the Aleph Services menu in the various modules and print reports or extract reports in xml format for importing into Excel.  However, there is other information that is needed but not available directly through Aleph.  As a result, FCLA has created data warehouse tables from which reports can be generated and provided via the Aleph ARROW Web site.  While Donna has not been able to devote all her time to this project due to data conversion commitments, some progress has been made.

Counts are relatively easy to extract from Aleph oracle tables using sql in spite of the data being poorly formatted.  More in-depth reports depend on data warehouse tables.  Donna highlighted four tables: budget, order, call number, and OPAC transactions and offered to share a detailed list of the fields available in these tables.

Budget table: includes initial allocation, adjusted allocation, encumbrance, payment, and invoice calculation; queries can be run for a specific budget line or a parent budget (using % to truncate).

Order table: working on expenditures by object code with fiscal year option and breakdown by unit, code, total; plans to add budget code.  Michele asked for an option to include titles, which would show how object codes were assigned in the past and feed into future ARL stats requirements.  Donna said she would look into adding titles.

Call number table: call number derived from the item or, if no item, then the holding; includes bib sysid, item sequence number, holding sysid, call number stem (for searching), call number sort field (to approximate shelf list sort), and call number display (without spacing and $$)

OPAC transactions table: see Aleph OPAC Statistics; plans to add Sublibrary breakdown

Future development includes reports for additional circulation statistics, call number range statistics by bib format, invoice data (amount, vendor code, invoice number, budget code, and update date) as well as tables to support authority reports. 

Donna will provide a list of the reports requested thus far and asked for input re. other needed reports with the specific fields from which the data should be extracted.  Martha recommended that the list be distributed to TSPC and PSPC.

Donna's joint meeting presentation re. Aleph statistics and reports will be posted on FCLA's Web site.


Michele related that she has been working with Rich to finetune acquisitions permissions for collection managers.  At this point the permissions successfully allow read-only access to budget code information in the Administration module.  However, in the Acquisitions module access to the order list functions is much too broad, allowing more than read-only access.  Rich will continue working on this area.

UF OPAC Committee

Betsy shared Rich's update re. the status of forming a UF OPAC Committee.  He has drafted a charge and discussed it with Carol Turner, who will send out a charge soon.

Cataloging statistics and New Titles list

On November 3 Betsy, Suzy, Martha, and Winston Harris met with FCLA staff to discuss the development of a New Titles list.  Based on that discussion, FCLA created a New Titles logical base in UF Test (choose Change Databases, then New Titles) to allow for experimentation and review.  The New Titles logical base will include titles tagged as new during the cataloging process. 

Betsy and Suzy explained the workflow to identify new titles as well as record cataloging statistics:

As a last step in the cataloging process, the cataloger will run a macro to add a trigger to the HOL.  The trigger includes the following data: sysid, title, userid, date, department, category of material, and number of volumes/units.  HOL trigger reports (com-01) are accessible via UFU60's Aleph Services menu.  After creating the trigger, the macro will present the cataloger with the option of including the title in the New Titles list.  If the cataloger says yes, then the macro will add a NEW tag to the HOL with $a new and $b yyyymmdd. 

Some initial testing of part of this process has taken place.  Suzy, Doug S., Jimmie, and Betsy are working on customizing the department names and the format to be used for the category of material and number of volumes/units and creating the macro.

In response to a question from Martha, Lori said that H&SS Services oversaw the new books area in Library West prior to the renovation.  A specific area has not been designated for this purpose in the renovated or new building.

In-Process Requests Task Group

Reporting for Doug S., Betsy announced that the group has met and begun to work out issues related to in-process requests.

SUL Aleph guest access

Martha announced that FCLA is in the process of setting up SUL Aleph guest access as requested by TSPC to enable read-only viewing of Aleph data across the SUL.  Martha asked the group if there is any data that shouldn't be shared.  The consensus was that there is not.

Missing items

Lori reported that she, Doug S., Cathy, and Matthew Daley have met twice and plan to resolve the issues related to missing and lost items within two months.  Doug S. is serving as a liaison to the Database Maintenance Unit.  One question under consideration is whether to use pseudopatrons instead of IPS in order to track searches for missing items by date intervals.  In the past missing items were searched nine times during the year before being declared lost.  Collection managers were notified only two weeks after an item was found to be missing, but Lori said three months might be more reasonable.  They are also looking at Aleph reports and determining what type of information needs to be disseminated.  Cathy noted that the focus is on bound volumes and pointed out that a similar process needs to be developed for dealing with missing loose periodical issues as well.

Lori expects the group to continue and broaden its scope to review all IPS, including definitions, how to use, policies and procedures for revising, and staff and patron training.


Martha announced that FCLA has set up a TSPC SWIKI (secure WIKI) for sharing Aleph documentation.  Susan Heron, USF, is going to coordinate submissions with volunteers from each SUL.  Michele and Betsy recommended the Technical Support Librarian in the Acquisitions and Licensing Department.

11/10/05 Authorities meeting

Betsy mentioned that Priscilla, Gerald, Nancy, Cecilia, and Jean were attending an all-day meeting re. authorities at FCLA.

TS/PS/CM meeting

Betsy asked the group to share feedback re. the 10/13/05 TS/PS/CM meeting and to suggest ideas for the 1/12/05 meeting.  Cathy suggested sending a call for agenda items in advance and confirmed that there will be updates on the action items from the 10/13/05 meeting.  Betsy is planning to add two new topics to the agenda - LKR fields and LTQF (i.e., PALMM) records.  The LKR Policy Task Group recently completed its review.  Martha recommended that CM be asked to report on the status of UF's use of OCLC's WorldCat Collection Analysis.


The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 8, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.


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