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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
November 9, 2006


Joint Bibs TG

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A draft guideline for using the PUBLIC OWN is posted. Naomi asked that the guideline include an instruction for catalogers re. ceased serials or periodical titles.

Betsy, Jimmie, and Jorge Gonzalez will identify satellite staff who should be given a lower cataloger level to restrict their ability to edit PUBLIC records.

FCLA can easily change the OCLC export parameters so that non-HC and non-ML records are downloaded with PUBLIC OWN. The bib templates in the Catalog Module that are on the server will need to be updated as well.

Per Rich, the test SUL Endeca installation should be ready for viewing by library staff soon. Currently, the SUL OPAC Committee is reviewing it. The OPAC e-mail list is an option for those interested in participating in discussions. Rich will send information to the group about signing up.

FCLA dedupped 13,850,000 SUL bibs based on matching OCLC numbers bringing the total union catalog record count to 6,000,000. This is a much larger installation than NCSU's, which includes about 1,000,000 records. FCLA will also be investigating the possibility of expanding the database to include such resources as PALMM collections.

The dedupped records will contain metadata unique to the institution's record, but some catalog data (e.g., Blackwell's table of contents for UF) cannot be displayed in the union catalog view as stipulated by contractual agreements.

Rich pointed out that NCSU's Endeca platform is tightly integrated with their SIRSI catalog, which will not be the case here. He expects that headings control will be very different from UF's existing OPAC interface. Rich has asked FCLA about the indexing parameters for Endeca (e.g., which fields are included in a Keyword Anywhere search) but has been given no information about this yet.

There will be separate links to the union catalog and the individual catalogs. These links can be featured on the library Web site as desired by the individual institution.

The specific timeframe for going live with Endeca is unknown at this point.

Holdings workshop
Naomi reported that a number of staff attended the NEFLIN Local Holdings Maintenance Basics workshop on November 6. Internal workflows are to be determined. The first step is to pursue an initial batchload of existing serial holdings, and then establish a method for batchloading updates. Betsy and Naomi have been in touch with NEFLIN to inquire about the process. Currently, there are about 28,000 local FUG holdings in OCLC. Many are believed to have been added in the 1980s. Jimmie pointed out that FUG holdings for Florida newspapers were added/updated as part of the USNP grant.

In response to a question from Cathy, Naomi explained that local holdings can be loaded with 866 data in lieu of 853/863s and later revised.

NEFLIN/OCLC sent notification that three FUG authorizations displayed more than 2,000 holdings each on 10/4/06 and asked if this work was related to preparations for loading local holdings. Betsy and Naomi will investigate. Rich mentioned the automatic updating of e-serial holdings generated by Serials Solutions, but the group didn't think it was related.

Authorities meeting
Priscilla, Nancy, Gerald, and Haiyun Cao attended the SUL Authorities Subcommittee meeting on 11/2-11/3/06. A focus of the meeting was to bring everyone up to speed with authority control in Aleph. Now that all SUL have migrated, the interest and participation level has increased.

Centralizing authority maintenance was discussed. FCLA will assume the task of running a program developed by Angela Randtke at UNF to analyze CORs and unblock authority records.

Some of the features of Endeca will likely be hampered in the union catalog view because of inconsistent authority maintenance across the SUL. For example, if seven institutions globally changed headings with Afro-American to African American, but four institutions did not, then split files will result and could confuse patrons. Nancy said the subcommittee may decide to reinstate a former practice of submitting heading corrections to a central repository with global changes handled by FCLA.

It will take about one more year for FCLA to complete the name authority loads. FCLA is now able to provide unlinked headings reports for individual institutions.

The subcommittee also discussed the impending death of NOTIS and which reports will be needed in a post-NOTIS environment. It might be beneficial to have an untraced series index - the equivalent of a k490 search in NOTIS. Nancy asked the group to consider the need for other field-specific indexes. Elaine Winske at FIU has compiled a list of proposed indexing changes, which she will be sharing with the subcommittee.

Priscilla said that the minutes of the meeting should be available later in November.

In process requests
Doug announced a recent discovery that it's possible to create links to Web pages from the item level OPAC display. Access Services is in discussion with FCLA about implementing this functionality, which will make it much easier to connect users to in process request forms.

New Titles
Doug reported that holds will be allowable on the following additional Item Process Statuses - PP (Physical Processing), TR (In Transit), and SR (Shelf-Ready). Access Services is still working on configuring the print daemon to generate e-mail notifications for these IPS. However, the library will go ahead and do a soft launch of the New Titles Web site by placing a link to it off the Change Databases page.

The group noted problems with e-mail notifications for ALF material since Library West reopened. There was some thinking that this may be related to the fact that Dewey items in storage do not have a Request link.

Material Type
Doug commented that Access Services is considering adding a new Item Record Material Type to facilitate the running of circulation reports for ILL Books on Demand, a pilot project soon to be implemented. Betsy will contact ILL to get the details.

Version 18
Rich does not have any new information about Version 18. The exact timing of the upgrade is unclear - Acquisitions year-end activities will play a role in the decision.  Rich will send the group the url to FCLA's training blog.

The next TS Aleph meeting will take place on Thursday, December 14, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.  


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