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RS Migration Group Minutes

August 11, 2003

Julia Allen, RS Technical Coordinator, joined us for the first time. Welcome Julia!

FCLA schedule
Rich announced that the LMS Steering Committee and Martha have established monthly meetings with FCLA to discuss progress with Aleph activities. Rich reported that at the August 7 meeting FCLA outlined their plans for reloading data and installing Version 15.5. [Below is an excerpt from an 8/19/03 email from Lydia to the LMS Project List with related details. This email was forwarded to the RS Migration Group on 8/20/03. The information is also available at FCLA's Aleph Implementation Calendar Web site -]

Aug. 25: UF and UNF submit final record selection criteria for inclusion
in Subset 4. (Data will be re-extracted from NOTIS into NERCDEV1, allowing
you to have a "fresh" subset of data for this load.)

Aug. 27: UF and UNF location mapping spreadsheet changes must be submitted
to FCLA for inclusion in Subset 4 loads.

Aug. 28: FCLA extracts new Subset 4 data for UF and UNF and loads it into

Aug. 29: FCLA extracts appropriate Acquisitions data from NOTIS for
conversion in Subset 4. (Note: Acquisitions data is not loaded into NERCDEV1).

Aug. 29: UF and UNF submit any indexing changes to FCLA. (Indexing Task
Force recent decisions will automatically be included; only local indexing
changes need to be submitted.)

Week of Sept. 1: UF and UNF Subset 4 data is loaded into
Aleph. (Commencement of the load depends on the successful upgrade of the
Test Server to Aleph Rls. 15.5.1 during the last week of August.)

Sept. 8: UF and UNF begin Subset 4 data review. Because data will have
been reloaded under a new Aleph Release, it is wise to re-check all
previously reported problems and issues.

Sept. 19: UF and UNF complete submission of Subset 4 Problem Reports.

Sept. 22-30: FCLA reviews and resolves Subset 4 Problem Reports with Ex
Libris's assistance as necessary.

Oct. 1: Data Extraction for test Full Load #2 begins for UF.

Problem reports
FCLA continues to review the problem reports submitted from the June data review. The majority of problems have been resolved, including many that involved the keyword search function.

Authorities review
Nancy announced that FCLA's Indexing and Authorities Meeting will take place August 13-15. Meeting information is available at

Client configuration
Rich reported that FCLA sent emails with information about testing the client and providing input on various aspects of client configuration. Betsy offered to forward the emails to the group [forwarded 8/12/03]. Links to the attachments from those emails are included below.

"Cataloging and Database Maintenance Workflow Testing in Aleph" per Lydia.

"Instructions for Configuring OCLC Software for Online Downoads into ALEPH" per Daniel.

Training group activities
The Acquisitions and Cataloging Trainers Groups were less active this summer while awaiting more client module development. Martha emphasized that the training groups need to renew efforts to analyze workflow and establish training curriculums.

Unlinked item records
Jean asked about the migration of unlinked item records. Rich explained that only selected unlinked item records will be migrated - those associated with Course Reserves and documents. Rich said he would clarify with FCLA the criteria used to extract unlinked item records for migration.

Site visit
Cathy mentioned that she will be visiting the University of Minnesota on August 29 and would be glad to take any of our questions with her to investigate. She cautioned us that they are using an earlier version of Aleph. The group suggested that Cathy gather information about UMinn's workflow and use of pseudo patron records and publication patterns.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 11, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.

Attend FCLA Indexing and Authorities meetings (Nancy, etc.)
Conduct workflow analysis and begin to develop training curriculums (training groups)
Give input on client configuration (All)
Participate in Subset Load 4 data review (TBD)

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Last updated: August 28, 2003


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