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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
July 14, 2005



Rich announced that the Serials Solution MARC records have been ordered.  UF will receive 38,000 records eventually - the records will arrive - all to be delivered at once - but in parcels of 1,000 records, making it more efficient to load into Aleph. Gerald will assume the responsibility for the loading.  

Lawan announced that through Rich FCLA has provided a list of 22,887 duplicate barcodes that need to be corrected.  Legal Information Center and Health Science Libraries volunteered to fix the duplicate bar codes in their collections and Database Maintenance Unit will correct the duplicate bar codes in Smathers.


Macro training update

Julia reported that the strategy for promoting macro usage in the library departments will be to identify a “developer” in unit areas who will be interested in working with their staff to develop useful macros.  The Macro Express Working Group will begin this strategy with Cataloging & Metadata and Acquisitions & Licensing Departments and then offer the training model to Health, Law and Branch Libraries. TS Aleph group discussed offering the Introduction to Macros class again to help build interest in the software usage throughout the library system.  Julia added that the Macro Express Working Group has a Web site, which contains documentation and a suite of basic macros that staff may access.  The information on this site will be moved to Aleph Pro in the near future.


TKR standard update

The TKR Standard Group continues investigating/testing the use of TKR on the HOL statement for retrieving cataloging statistics in Aleph.   The group is also still investigating how to provide a list of new titles added to the collection.  The group will compile a list of TKR’s in use and set standards for posting once they have completed the testing for new titles and statistics.


Permissions update

Rich reported that all cataloging staff now has the ability to look at order records in a read only capacity.


Year-end closing update

Smathers, Health Science Center and Legal Information Libraries closed the fiscal year with some minor clean-up.  It would have been an even less stressful activity if FCLA had given the libraries earlier notice concerning the clean-up reports that needed to be processed.


TS/PS/CM joint meeting

The TS Aleph Implementation Group will offer its meeting time quarterly for a joint meeting with PS and CM Groups.  These joint meetings should further communications between the three divisions.


The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 11, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.


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