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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes

July 8, 2004

Brief Records display
Betsy asked for input regarding the 7/1/04 e-mail from FCLA requesting a decision about UF's brief recs configuration. The group noted inaccuracies with the numbering in the current display and endorsed the option to use UNF's parameters. [After the meeting an e-mail was sent to Rich for forwarding to FCLA] Link to email

Post-STP training

  • Authorities: Gerald, Priscilla, and Tatiana reported that the authorities-related classes seemed to go well. Priscilla pointed out the need to follow-up with a general class about authorities as well as one specifically addressing locally created series authorities. Gerald mentioned that one-on-one instruction continues to be a necessary component of the training program.

  • Advanced Searching: Julia explained that she and Denise are waiting for further customization of the Web OPAC (e.g., brief recs) before moving ahead with the Advanced Searching class.

  • Acq Info: Michele and Suzanne are aiming to present the Acq Info class in late July or early August.

Acquisitions data migration
Michele announced that Acquisitions staff were busy reviewing Acquisitions data migrated to Aleph that morning. She and Suzanne expressed the following initial observations:

  • Orders: overlays seem to unattach the orders; A1 and A2 all migrated as monograph-placed orders (programming not done in time)
  • Vendor codes: problem with the code crosswalk
  • Budgets: migrated with encumbrances and look ok; in the Web OPAC display On Order records display before available items

Michele, Cecilia, and Jean said that communication about the data review was unclear. In fact, Cecilia and Jean were not aware it was happening and didn't review.

Item Records Standard Group
Naomi reported that the group has been meeting regularly and plans to meet with Public Services. One particular she described, which Public Services has commented on, involves Aleph's month abbreviations. They do not correspond to the AACR abbreviations. Daniel is investigating changing the tables to eliminate the discrepancies.

Label printing
Betsy mentioned that Doug met recently with Winston. Referring to a brief conversation she'd had with Doug, Naomi relayed that in its current iteration, the label printing program can't print diacritics. Betsy offered to send Doug's e-mail update to the group. Link to email

Loader developments
Julia announced that GenLoad development is progressing: the microanalytic load specifications are being put in place; the YBP loads are happening now; and vernacular configuration is underway. The YBP loader may be used with non-YBP vendors to build orders and encumber funds.

Shared e-resources
Cecilia asked for guidance re. the appropriate group to examine the possibility of Health, Law, and Smathers sharing e-resource records. Michele and others responded that this topic should be addressed by the Continuing Resources Policy Group.

Logical base problem
Betsy reported that FCLA is concerned about records disappearing from logical bases after modifications have been saved to the server. Cecilia commented that she has derived new records that don't display in the logical base. Naomi said she has unsuppressed records and found they don't display in the logical base even after a few days. Jean and Betsy offered that they had each modified various records and not found a problem with logical base updating. [After the meeting Betsy submitted report 584 to FCLA's Aleph Help Desk database to detail the problems highlighted by Cecilia and Naomi.]

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 12, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, July 23, 2004


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