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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
June 9, 2005


Lawan reported that the presence of incorrect barcodes on a number of Aleph Dewey titles is impeding progress with flipping call numbers for the reclass.  Rich offered to send a reminder to FCLA to generate a report of the NOTIS item records containing two barcodes, one correct and one incorrect, which will allow the process to move forward. 

NAAUG Annual Meeting

Martha announced that Ex Libris has a new vision for the company, which includes a revamped management structure initiated in 2003, a new membership structure allowing individual institutions in consortial arrangements to send representatives to meetings, and better integration of their suite of products.  Ex Libris wants to improve user group interaction and, to that end, plans to make changes to user group meetings. 

Version 18, which is due out January 2006, is expected to be implemented locally in 2007 using Ex Libris's Upgrade Express software.  The upgrades from Version 15 to 16, Version 16 to 17, and Version 17 to 18 will be done as a background process.

Version 17 brings with it improved long heading functionality as well as global renewals for circulation and media booking.  Version 18 includes authority updates, Unicode 4.0 compliance, universal borrowing, EDI claiming, e-mail notifications with attachments, summary holdings in the Nav Map display, and a redesigned staff permissions module.

ADAM is Ex Libris's new Digital Asset Management Module.  See for information (scroll to the section re. ADAM).

Verde, Ex Libris's ERM (Electronic Resource Management) tool is still in development ( for information).  FCLA has invited Ex Libris to give a demo of the product.  Michele recommended that Serials Solutions be invited to demo its ERM (

Aleph's catalog is not ADA compliant and, thus far, Ex Libris has not announced plans to make it so.

There was no word from the NAAUG meeting participants regarding how ARL stats are derived from Aleph.

13 digit ISBN

Suzanne reported that discrepancies between ISBNs is leading to duplicate ordering.  In some instances publishers are using 13 digit ISBNs for titles assigned 10 digit ISBNs in vendor databases.

Macro development

Martha praised Julia and Jason for their NAAUG presentation on Macro Express.  Both UF's and Harvard's presentations highlighted the need to spread macro skills among staff rather than allowing one or two specialists to take responsibility for macro development.  While UF's intent was to distribute the work, it has been difficult to put this into action. 

Doug commented that he thinks Macro Express is harder to use than we thought initially.  For instance, key commands aren't necessarily applicable across modules or computers.  Suzanne recommended using a building block concept whereby a series of short module specific macros are created and pieced together as needed.  Michele and Jimmie mentioned the need to complete development of the macro suite, which could be added to as new macros are created. 

Jean said that Julia has been a big help to Law with macro creation.  Cecilia explained that HSCL has made progress with macros on their own.

Betsy and Michele agreed to share the group's comments with Julia and Jason and discuss with them a plan of attack for distributing macro development as well as moving forward with the macro suite.  

TKR standard

Suzy announced that the TKR standard group is scheduled to meet June 9.  It is unclear if using a TKR on HOL to record cataloging statistics will be effective.  The TKR group is hoping to begin testing its use in June.

The TKR group will also see if a report can be generated of the existing TKRs in order to develop a comprehensive list and set forth guidelines.

Link checking

Copies of InfoWorks will be ordered at the beginning of the next fiscal year.  Jimmie reported that Julia is in the process of testing the product.


Rich and Suzy will work on getting the catalogers added to the order unit so that they have read-access to order information.

TS/PS/CM forum

Martha has scheduled a TS/PS/CM forum for June 30 for the division department chairs to discuss a variety of Aleph issues and brainstorm how best to troubleshoot and prioritize.

USF visit

Betsy announced that a delegation from USF will visit on June 17 to discuss Aleph functions and workflow with staff in Cataloging, Acquisitions, Preservation, and Documents.

Martha mentioned that USF has decided to discontinue serials check-in for six months in order to shift efforts to pursuing electronic alternatives.  Cecilia commented that check-in is needed for claiming purposes.

Duplicate holdings

Rich reported that there is a fix for the duplicate holdings problem, which will be included in an upcoming service pack installation.  

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 14, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.


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