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RS Preliminary LMS Migration Planning Group Minutes

May 16, 2002

In addition to reviewing the tasks identified at the April 4, 2002 meeting, the Planning Group also discussed the Ex Libris Kick-off Meeting, data load reviews, system downtime, status of the test record file, and issues related to merging bib records.

We were happy to have Jan Swanbeck, Carol Harris, and Nelda Schwartz participate in the meeting. They plus Cathy Mook have been added to the group roster. In addition, Barbara Gundersen will join the group beginning with our next meeting in June.

Ex Libris Kick-off Meeting
Migration Group members shared reactions to the Ex Libris Kick-off Meeting held May 7-9. Acknowledging the difficulties inherent in covering the wealth of information about ALEPH and its implementation, we were in agreement that it seemed there was a lack of focus and a weak organizational structure to the meeting. Unfortunately, tangent issues were allowed center stage when they might have been tabled for later investigation. Although it was helpful to have input from FCLA during the meeting, at times it appeared that we were discussing issues not particularly relevant to the task at hand. Betsy will pass on this feedback to Rich on behalf of the Migration Group in the hope that it can be shared with Ex Libris and used to improve future SUS Kick-off meetings.

14.2 client distribution and data load reviews
There was strong consensus among Migration Group members that the ALEPH 14.2 client should be made available to all library staff. Reasons given include: 1) all library staff should have the opportunity to begin to familiarize themselves with the look and feel of a Windows-based client-server library management system 2) while 14.2 will differ from 15.2, we don't expect it to differ so dramatically that it should prevent us from allowing all staff to view the earlier version 3) if we explain to staff that we are in the preliminary stages of preparing for data load reviews and cannot address functional questions about the system, they will understand 4) staff are curious and, to some extent, anxious about the new system; giving them a sense of involvement in the process now will foster a feeling of control and will encourage staff to dialogue amongst themselves as they "play" with the client - aspects important to the learning process. Unless there are legal and/or technical reasons for restricting access to 14.2, the Migration Group endorses broad dissemination of the client. Betsy will notify Rich about the Migration Group's recommendation. [e-mail sent to Rich 5/17/02]

The Migration Group also supports having a larger pool of data load reviewers than the 26 staff already identified. Prior to our next meeting, Migration Group members will assess staffing needs for the data review for their functional areas and determine a reporting methodology in conjunction with the ALEPH Steering Committee. It is important to have a central repository for reported problems. Betsy suggested using the Outlook Public Folder, but Cecilia pointed out that the Health Science Center Library and the Law Library don't have access to it. Suzanne suggested somehow using the 035 tickler field to record problems. [refer to Appendix I, Section 2, of the UF-Ex Libris license agreement - - for information regarding our responsibilities re. reporting problems identified in the data loads.]

System downtime
Migration Group members have a variety of concerns regarding the system downtime scheduled for the few weeks leading up to STP. Our understanding is that we need to plan for alternate activities and task work-arounds for a 4-6 week time period or longer. In response to the issue of when to close out the fiscal year, Cecilia and others suggested that we inquire as to the possibility of continuing certain acquisitions functions (e.g., posting payment) in NOTIS during the system downtime. Theory being that we will not migrate the data input during the downtime, but will rely on view access to NOTIS and ARROW reports for this data after implementation. Betsy will ask Rich if he can find out if there is any possibility of leaving parts of NOTIS active during the downtime.

Test record file
Betsy distributed a list of the types of items currently in the test record file in order to prompt Migration Group members to identify items needing to be added. [During the meeting Dot handed Betsy an additional list of the types of items, including GOBI and pre-order records, in the nercicst test record file. Afterward Dot pointed out that many records in our test file have multiple 035s, thus making the total number of records in our test file fewer than we might think. Dot suggested we follow-up on comments she remembers Lydia making at the Kick-off Meeting that we need to have more records in our test file than we currently have. Betsy will look into this.]

One of the Migration Group members asked whether the test record file will be included in the first data load. While we think so, Betsy will confirm.

MSL and Documents
Suzanne raised a question about the status of MSL and Documents after migration to ALEPH. Referring to the draft list of sublibraries in our Kick-off Meeting binder, Suzanne wondered if MSL and Documents would become more independent along the lines of the Law Library and the Health Science Center Library. Jan and others said that this is not the case.

During this discussion, another question was raised as to whether material from one sublibrary can be circulated by another sublibrary. For example, certain federal documents are located physically in the MSL sublibrary, but are part of the Documents sublibrary collection.

Unlinked item records
At the Kick-off meeting Michele Newberry announced that FCLA had made a unilateral decision to only migrate Course Reserve unlinked item records. After hearing objections, Michele N. rethought FCLA's position and left the door open for migrating selected or all unlinked item records. Cecilia recommended that UF let FCLA know the types of unlinked item records we believe need to be migrated. Migration Group members will draft such a list.

In relation to the topic of Course Reserve, Jimmie reported that work is underway to facilitate the migration of the database controlling E-reserves.

Migration Group members commented on the advantages of being able to search our unlinked item records in ALEPH and have them display to the public. Lawan reminded us that these advantages will require us to be more careful when inputting the data. Unlinked item records often have typos and other errors. The brief record template in ALEPH should make it easier for staff to input and improve the quality of the records.

The Migration Group asked Naomi, UF CAGER representative, to consult with her CAGER colleagues regarding the timetable for migrating LTQF, the SUS-wide processing unit for digitized material. In addition, Jimmie and Betsy would also like CAGER to find out if it will be possible to catalog in LTQF during the system downtime. [CAGER is the SUS Cataloging and Access Guidelines for Electronic Resources Committee -]

Title level notes
Betsy read an e-mail from Rich, which reiterated that FCLA has offered to move all title level notes to a special ALEPH bib record field at the time of conversion. Migration of selected title level notes does not appear to be an option. Rich's understanding is that Donna Alsbury could provide us with reports of selected title level notes if requested. Such reports would be useful if we want to move selected title level notes ourselves, then instruct FCLA not to migrate any title level notes. Rich is following-up with FCLA on Nancy's suggestion that FCLA move title level notes to bib records prior to migration so that Catalyst global can be used to do clean-up on the notes.

852 searching
Betsy reported that Rich is still waiting for a response as to whether or not the 852 MARC holdings field will be searchable in ALEPH. We expect that it will be searchable. The 852 field will contain the NOTIS copy level notes.

Deleted/suppressed records
Betsy reported that she sent Rich excerpts from the Migration Group's minutes regarding deleted and suppressed records. Per the minutes from 9/26/01 and 10/26/01, our consensus is to migrate all suppressed records and their Z copy line(s) and not to migrate deleted records. After hearing objections from Jean about our recommendation not to migrate item records marked "w", the Migration Group rethought its decision recognizing that the involvement of other areas of the library and state will be necessary to come to a firm conclusion. In an e-mail from Rich, he explained that it is too early to know exactly how the different types of records will be processed for migration and whether it will be possible or desirable to identify and exclude only item records that are coded in a certain way. Rich will be talking to FCLA about this. He mentioned that the information of value to the Law Library might be available as Bill/Fine information in ARROW, making it unnecessary to track it through the item record. Rich suggested that the Law Library outline the questions they think they'll need to answer that would require access to the "w" item records so that we can assess whether the answers will be available in some other way.

Merging bib records
Migration Group members discussed issues involved with merging bib records in Alelph. At the Kick-off meeting it was said at one point that it would be better to merge the records post-conversion. Later, when talking about the success thus far with the merge and match program being used with the University of Minnesota's implementation, there was some thinking that it might make work well to merge bib records during conversion. Jan mentioned she has a contact at University of Minnesota whom we might contact for information about their merge efforts that she could pass on to Betsy. [Subsequent to the meeting Jan sent Betsy info on a contact at SUNY Binghamton and she's still working on the UMinn contact. Dot suggested our trying to meet at ALA with colleagues at institutions that have migrated or are in the process of migrating.]

The primary issues identified as needing resolution before records can be merged include deciding how the following will be handled: 1) differing series treatments 2) unique notes and 3) MESH headings. We expect that it will be possible to limit searches by sublibrary and to set sublibrary searching defaults on sublibrary computers if desired, both important factors when considering the merging of bib records. The Migration Group would like to have some idea of when these issues need to be resolved if the merge takes place at conversion.

ALEPH Steering Committee minutes
Lawan asked if the ALEPH Steering Committee minutes will be distributed, probably via a link from the UF ALEPH Implementation Web site - Betsy will follow-up with Rich.

The meeting concluded with refreshments to celebrate the group's one year anniversary and to look forward to STP on our second anniversary! Our first meeting was May 14, 2001 and STP is scheduled for May 12, 2003.

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 28. The Migration Group agreed with Cecilia's recommendation to begin meeting more frequently after our June meeting.

Share feedback from Kick-off meeting with Rich (Betsy)
Share Migration Group recommendation re. dissemination of 14.2 client with Rich (Betsy) [done]
Assess staffing needs for the data review for functional areas and determine a reporting methodology in conjunction with the ALEPH Steering Committee (All)
Plan for alternate activities and task work-arounds during system downtime (All)
Ask Rich if he can find out if there is any possibility of leaving parts of NOTIS active during downtime (Betsy)
Check with Lydia about the size of the test record file and whether it will be included in the first data load (Betsy)
Draft list of the types of unlinked item records we want migrated (All)
Check with CAGER re. the timetable for migrating LTQF and whether it will be possible to catalog in LTQF during downtime (Naomi)
Check with Rich on status of Nancy's suggestion for FCLA to move title level notes to bib prior to migration (Betsy)
Outline reasons for retaining access to "w" item records (Jean)
Determine next steps re. merging bib records (All)
Check with Rich re. distribution of ALEPH Steering Committee minutes (Betsy)
Follow-up on earlier e-mail to Lydia re. the testing of unlinked item records (Betsy)
Continue to supervise student work with null values (Betsy and Nancy)
Continue clean-up of duplicate authorities (Nancy)

Betsy Simpson May 23, 2002


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