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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
May 11, 2006


LC series change

Naomi described the reaction to the LC series announcement at the recent CONSER Operations Committee meeting.  OpCo unanimously passed a resolution to continue to support controlled series access but will investigate ways to simplify associated processes.


Local handling of series will follow suit, according to Betsy.  Catalogers have been instructed to review series treatment and revise as necessary to comply with PCC/UF practice.  A method to identify uncontrolled series headings on the PromptCat records received for shelf-ready material will be identified.


With Jason's assistance, CatMet is generating reports of UF classed together series and unnumbered series, which will form the basis of discussions with the Public Services and Collections Divisions about potential changes.       


Some specialized cataloging groups (e.g., Music Library Association, Africana Librarians Council) have issued responses to LC's decision, which Betsy will forward to the group.


Holdings maintenance workshop

At UF's request, NEFLIN will conduct a holdings maintenance half-day workshop in Gainesville on Friday, October 6.  The group voiced its preference for a morning session held at the main public library or Millhopper branch.  Betsy mentioned that SOLINET offers an online course, but others pointed out that it might be too costly.


In-Process Requests Task Group

Doug reported that the In-Process Requests Task Group has identified additional IPS codes needing to be configured to allow holds to be placed - CT (In Cataloging), SR (Arriving from Vendor), and PP (Physical Processing).  FCLA can easily make this change, but it also requires setup on circulation computers in order to produce patron e-mail notifications.  Betsy commented that Public Services wants the holds established before the New Titles logical base goes live.  Matthew will talk to Lori to determine a timeframe for accomplishing this work.


The task group is looking into the possibility of providing a link from the OPAC item display to an online request page for the CT, SR, and PP IPS.  Rich will check but suspects that only text, not a link, can be used to direct patrons.


TKR standard

Per Jimmie, the final version of the TKR Guide is posted in AlephPro.  Catalogers and selectors will be notified.


NEW tag on serial holdings

Betsy described Emily Madden's frustration with having to override the holdings validation NEW tag message every time she updates a serial holding and her suggestion for a workaround to prevent the validation message.  The group endorsed adding an OLD tag for this purpose as follows: OLD::$a x $b x.  Betsy will update the procedural documentation.  Naomi and Cathy will inform the A Team.


GenLoad update

The latest version of GenLoad includes an option to assign lower indexing priority to batchloaded records, placing them after online updates.  As a result, Gerald is able to load more records during the day without concern the load will hamper ongoing cataloging.  Martha asked about the status of UF's request for a GenLoad option to set a date/time for batchloads.  She reminded the group that FCLA was urged to implement this option weeks ago.  Betsy will contact FCLA about it.


There is a growing backlog of Marcive records.  Jan mentioned that as other SULs migrate to Aleph, they are facing similar problems with loading.  Martha questioned the need for each SUL to load Marcive records.  Jan said unifying the Marcive loads would necessitate profile changes, which she will discuss with her staff.


In addition, GenLoad now includes options to add the NEW tag to loaded holdings and to delete the export.dat file containing loaded record(s).  Doug will be researching the potential benefits of loading individual records via GenLoad instead of the OCLC loader.


Merging bibs

Betsy recommended that the group revisit its pre-migration discussions about merging bibs.  Rich pointed out that Endeca, soon to be purchased by FCLA, will dramatically change the user interface and proposed that the group delay such work.  The group decided to pursue a merge in spite of the potential impact of Endeca because it would help streamline the workflow by eliminating duplicate record loading and maintenance.  Nancy commented that the group might at least implement a new workflow moving forward even if a retrospective project were put on hold.  As a first step, Betsy will convene a task group (Betsy, Ed, Jean, Michele, and Jimmie) to pursue a merge of Law and Smathers records. 

Aleph review sessions

Denise Bennett is working on an advanced Aleph searching training session.  In addition, a tech services workflow-oriented class is in the works, building on the Introduction to Functional Training (best viewed with IE) class given pre-STP.  Recently, Suzanne, Michele, Doug K., Doug S., Naomi, Cathy, Jason, and Betsy met to plan the session.  They are in the process of developing a survey to send staff about their Aleph information needs and hope to give the class in the fall.  The sense of the group was that Aleph review sessions should be offered on a regular basis.

Betsy has also drafted an (Open)WorldCat and Aleph FAQ to describe how UF's catalog records are represented in WorldCat and Open WorldCat. 

OPAC developments

Rich spoke about FCLA's plans to purchase Endeca and pointed us to the North Carolina State University (NCSU) library catalog, a Sirsi-based Endeca installation.  FCLA plans to create a union catalog of SUL records using the Endeca interface.  Rich said this development raises questions about the need to maintain individual SUL OPACs.


Rich reported that permissions have been adjusted for individual collection managers to view Acquisitions data as requested.  The group wondered if the institutional access permission setup being developed by Dan North, UNF, Daniel Cromwell, FCLA, and Rich might resolve some local permissions issues by allowing read-only access to a wide range of Aleph data.

ELUNA meeting

Michele, Jason, and Betsy will be attending the 2006 ELUNA meeting June 4-7.  When asked what areas the group is most interested in, the following were mentioned: holdings, indexing/batchloading, and authorities.


The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 8, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.  


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