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RS Migration Group Minutes

March 17, 2003

Recap of March 3 FCLA meeting
As a result of the deliberations with FCLA on March 3, Rich sent the following e-mail to all staff:

-----Original Message-----
From: Rich Bennett
Sent: Monday, March 10, 2003 1:59 PM
To: All Library Staff List (UF); Beverly Pope; Health Center Library; Kent Perkins; Kim Hunt; Law Library; Library Newsletter; Melanie Davis; Pam Neumann; Pam Russ - Lake Alfred; Penny Chou
Subject: ALEPH Implementation Update

ALEPH STP (Switch To Production) at UF is POSTPONED From May 12, 2003

On March 3rd, UF's LMS Steering Committee and Martha Hruska met with FCLA staff to discuss the planned ALEPH implementation schedule. After a review of what remains to be done it was decided that UF's STP date will be postponed from May 12, 2003. Currently, we are aiming for a revised STP in early July, 2003, but this could change.

The NOTIS cataloging "freeze", which was scheduled to begin late in March, will also be delayed so that it starts 4-6 weeks prior to the revised STP date (once that has been determined).

We are hopeful that we will soon be able to review the full load of UF Libraries' Catalog data that had been scheduled to be available at the end of December, 2002; a successful data and functional review at that time will be a key factor in determining the revised STP date. There are many other functions that must be in place before STP as well (e.g. the ability to acccess licensed databases using the ALEPH patron file, the ability to export bill and fine information from ALEPH to UF Accounts Receivable, the ability to routinely load new bibliographic and other data from various sources to ALEPH, etc.) Before "freezing" NOTIS cataloging in anticipation of STP, we must feel confident that the remaining critical tasks can be accomplished during the 4-6 weeks during which system data is being loaded in to ALEPH.

For a more complete update on ALEPH implementation activities (data review, training, Web OPAC status, client software availability, etc.), please go to

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks. Rich

Betsy distributed the following copy of a pre and post-STP task list provided to FCLA prior to the March 3 meeting and asked the group to review it for additions, etc.
            Pre and post-STP task list (Word Doc)

ExLibris management news
The group talked briefly about Carl Grant leaving ExLibris to go to VTLS. The question came up as to whether or not this would affect our implementation. Betsy said there has been no indication that it will.

Dataload news
FCLA is continuing to experience problems setting up the authority resource file and linking authorities to bibliographic records. Betsy shared an e-mail dated March 17 from Lydia, which detailed the progress and remaining issues. Betsy also pointed out an e-mail Lydia had sent the ALEPH-NA e-mail list recently requesting input on setting up a two-tiered authority file system. [Both e-mails were later forwarded to the group.]

Status of training activities
Suzanne reported that the Acquisitions trainers have had two meetings. The trainers are working through various Acquisitions tasks, noting questions to pose at the Serials functional training session scheduled for March 25-26 and to ask FCLA. Suzanne is planning to take her unit to the MSL training room for a "Getting Around the Acquisitions Module" session.

Gerald and others reported that the Cataloging trainers have also been meeting. They have divided into smaller groups to analyze the workflow for copy cataloging, original cataloging, and authority work in ALEPH. Similar to the Acquisitions trainers, they are pulling together questions for FCLA.

At this point, testing workflow is difficult because of the following: 1) the lack of a fully functioning UF Test region (e.g., import/export function not developed) and 2) the absence of a permissions structure. An FCLA training session to discuss permissions, among other things, has been rescheduled from March to May. Betsy announced that Daniel Cromwell from FCLA has indicated he would be happy to meet with the functional trainers to go over our questions.

The group discussed the ALEPH 101 mock sessions presented by Denise Bennett. Those who had had an opportunity to attend were enthusiastic about the session. Barbara mentioned that she has talked to Rich about how we might address the training needs of staff using varying levels of the different modules, and expressed her satisfaction with the ALEPH 101 session as a way to lay a firm foundation and serve as an "equalizer" for staff.

Gerald pointed out the need for many staff to have a basic idea of workflow in other areas (e.g., item record creation being done at point of ordering) to assess the effect systemwide. He recommended that the functional trainers conduct introductory sessions for the other functional trainers as a first step. Cathy endorsed this idea, explaining that Binding needs to understand the Circulation Module because the first step in their workflow is to charge the item. Jan said Documents, like the branches, is in need of a broad-based training approach.

Jimmie asked who is going to coordinate and schedule the training sessions. Betsy reported that the LMS Steering Committee would be talking about that question at its March 17 meeting. It's possible that Trudi DiTrolio, Staff Development Officer, will play a role.

It was suggested that the ALEPH training sessions be videotaped. Betsy said that this had been raised earlier within the Cataloging trainers group, and it seemed that there was some discomfort with the idea of being taped. Jimmie mentioned that it would be possible to use audio with PowerPoint slides rather than video. The taped sessions could be used by 1) staff who want a refresher, 2) staff who couldn't attend a particular session, and 3) new staff. Betsy will forward the idea to Rich.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 15, 10:00-11:30, Library East Conference Room.

  • Be prepared for notification of further dataload review (All)
  • Review pre and post-STP task list (All)
  • Forward training session taping idea to Rich (Betsy)
  • Continue to investigate freeze activities (Dot, Jimmie, etc.)
  • Attend upcoming ExLibris training sessions:
  • March 25-26: Serials Functional
  • Plan for functional training for staff (functional trainers)

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, March 28, 2003


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