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RS Migration Group Minutes

February 20, 2003

Loads and migration schedule
Rich reported that authority related issues are delaying FCLA's giving the go-ahead for a further review of Subset Load 3 and slowing progress with the full test load. The only full test load FCLA has been working on is UF's. The holdup doesn't have to do with UF's data - it is a system-wide dataload concern. The authority problems coupled with earlier slowdowns getting the production server up and running have affected the overall migration schedule. Martha and members of the LMS Steering Committee are scheduled to meet with FCLA to discuss the migration schedule on Monday, March 3. ExLibris is conducting advanced systems training with FCLA staff on Monday, February 24 and Tuesday, February 25, which should help FCLA have a better idea of a timeline moving forward.

Even if the migration schedule is adjusted, UF's ExLibris training schedule will not change.

In response to a question from Cecilia, Martha explained that the library directors have to approve any changes to the STP (Switch to Production) dates. An STP date change would likely necessitate a change in the dates scheduled for the NOTIS freeze on various operations. Martha remarked that there are only a few times during the year that are appropriate for STP because of the disruption to patron service. If the STP does not happen by mid-summer, it might have to be postponed to the next major school break in December.

Acquisitions data review for Subset Load 3
Michele announced that the Acquisitions data review for Subset Load 3 is completed and went very well. A limited number of Acquisitions notes migrated from NOTIS to ALEPH, but this was as planned. Donna Alsbury is investigating our report that 10-15 fundcodes did not convert. Michele mentioned that Donna has referred to a subscription module, which might be helpful to Documents and Gifts & Exchange's workflows. Donna should know more after going through ExLibris training on February 24-25.

Acquisitions functional training
Michele explained that the Acquisitions functional training, held on February 18-19, did not adequately prepare the participants to train other staff. While coverage of the ordering process was satisfactory and included useful exercises, the presentation re. invoicing and claiming was rushed, complicated, and lacking in exercises. As a result, the Acquisitions trainers are not ready to train other staff without a lot of review on their own first.

Cecilia pointed out that UF really needs to talk to FCLA about the system configuration. It was apparent in the Acquisitions training that certain defaults should be setup, rather than relying on staff to enter data. The current migration schedule gives March 4 as the date by when data conversion decisions are to be finalized by UF and FCLA, but discussions need to take place before decisions are finalized, and it's not clear when those discussions will happen.

Rich mentioned that the Circulation functional training was very positively received, but that might be due in part to the fact that the Circulation module is in a new presentation format, which minimizes the need to open multiple separate windows. This new format (similar to the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook) is expected to be available for the other modules in ALEPH's version 16 release.

In-house training plans
Betsy announced that the Cataloging trainers have met to begin brainstorming how best to provide cataloging training for staff. The trainers decided that they will each take responsibility for covering the appropriate aspects of the cataloging curriculum for their respective units rather than dividing responsibility so that each trainer covers a particular aspect of the cataloging curriculum across all units. The trainers are finetuning the list of staff who will need cataloging training. In addition to the ExLibris documentation, they have begun to review documentation and information from other ALEPH institutions including Harvard University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Maryland.

Michele reiterated what she said earlier in the meeting about the Acquisitions trainers' efforts following their functional training.

Barbara mentioned that she and Lily are planning to have an overview session with Reference and Collection Management staff as well as one-on-one meetings.

MSL training room
Betsy reported that trainers have asked for an orientation to the MSL training room. Rich responded that the room setup is very straightforward and the trainers should feel at ease using the equipment, etc. with minimal instruction. Rich will ask Denise to create written guidelines for using the room.

Martha offered to get Outlook setup to handle online reservations to use the room. All requests will go to Rich.

Betsy asked Rich if all the ALEPH trainers could be given fob access to the MSL training room. Rich explained that currently fob access is restricted to a small group of staff. If ALEPH trainers are not given fob access, they will still be able to schedule the room so that it is open at the time they need to use it.

Library West Room 148 computers do not have ALEPH software loaded (except the instructor's workstation), and Rich said there are no plans to load ALEPH on those computers.

Planning for NOTIS freeze
Betsy reported that various staff are investigating possible ways to continue cataloging during the NOTIS freeze. Dot explained she is researching whether or not we could catalog in ALEPH (ExLibris University and/or UF Test) using CLARR or some other method for uploading the record file to OCLC, then save the OCLC file for later loading in UF Production.

Based on Dot's suggestion, Betsy contacted FCLA to find out whether FCLA could create or reuse a separate NOTIS partition for cataloging purposes during the freeze. Mary Ann O'Daniel responded that it would be a difficult, time-consuming process to setup a NOTIS partition, but that we could possibly use the UF region of nercicst, the NOTIS test database.

Jimmie reported that she is coordinating a group of catalogers who are looking into the feasibility of our using OCLC's CatME software ( to catalog during the freeze.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 17, 2:00-3:30pm, Library East Conference Room.

Be prepared for notification of further dataload review for Subset Load 3 (All)
Meet with FCLA on March 3 (Michele, Betsy, Jan, Cecilia, Mae, Lori, Rich, and Martha)
Continue to investigate freeze activities (Dot, Jimmie, etc.)
Attend upcoming ExLibris training sessions:
March 4-5: Cataloging Functional
March 25-26: Serials Functional
Plan for functional training for staff (functional trainers)

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, March 5, 2003


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