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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
January 13, 2005

Training Activities

Suzanne Kiker and Michele Crump gave a training session, Acquisitions Overview for Catalogers, on 1/12/05. Michele observed that there was lively participation and learning continues every day with the new system. Much information can be displayed from the NAV MAP view of various acquisitions records. There was some discussion about what  fields are viewable in the NAV MAP panels. Cecilia reported that this is the only way currently to provide permission to look and not modify. Permissions are not presently refined so that read only access is possible. Martha suggested that a small group study the NAV MAP possibilities for more display options. The next step will be to draft a charge for this group.Doug Smith and Jason Fleming recently offered some cataloging training to public services staff.  Doug indicated that it was difficult to predict just what questions public services staff might have so the sessions could be targeted to their needs. Jan Swanbeck attended and reported the session was most helpful. She will ask what specific training needs remain at the next meeting with the PSC group.


Julia Allen reported that a diacritic problem has been resolved which was delaying some of the UF record loads. It has been discovered that with GenLoad if the PC used for loading is lacking certain character sets the diacritics will not load properly.The Serials Solutions load is in the testing phase but the review is not completed. Cecilia Botero suggested that there be some group input before the final load. Plans are to discuss this further at a Continuing Resources Policy meeting later this month.It was mentioned that we will need to continue tracking our outstanding Aleph issues and problems with FCLA. As they work on bringing up the Phase 2 libraries, their time available to work on our problems is limited. Dataloads, including MARCIVE, are in the UF queue.

HOL CAT Fields

Cecilia asked who would run the Service report to delete the HOL CAT fields once it is determined which HOL CAT fields to retain and/or delete. Naomi mentioned that before the Service report is run a separate archiving service needs to be run to preserve the data to be removed for future extraction of statistics. Doug Smith noted that staff in copy cataloging uses the CAT stats in the BIB library to track the workflow of material. It is desirable that the BIB library CAT fields are not deleted in this process. Julia Allen will be testing the possibility of just deleting HOL CAT and not BIB CAT fields. Since running this service might prevent loss of data and extra keying by staff it has some priority.  Julia Allen will meet with a smaller group to expedite the process.

Logical Bases

Cecilia Botero and Naomi Young reported that serials records are still falling out of the serials logical base randomly after updates to the records. Gerald Langford reported that a fix is in place but the logical bases will need to be re-created to bring back in the records that were dropped before the fix was implemented.

Test Database

There was some discussion about the need of a larger subset of records in the test database. It would desirable if it were more like a “shadow” database for production.  It is expected that a larger test database might expedite testing of future upgrades.

New Titles List

The list is under discussion and Suzy Covey is working on the project.  How the titles will be selected for the list and other specs have not yet been determined. A list developed by Notre Dame seems to be a good model.

Other Aleph Installations in the State

Lawan Orser questioned if the Phase 2-3 libraries are still on schedule. It was reported that the schedule at this time has not changed: Phase 2 libraries are scheduled to move to production in 2005; Phase 3 in 2006. It is expected that all the libraries will move to a new version once all the libraries are in production.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 10, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.



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