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RS ALEPH Cataloging Trainers Group

April 7, 2003

The group met in the MSL Trainers Room so that the working teams could demonstrate various problems and questions encountered when using ALEPH. Working together we were able to resolve some concerns, but still had many remaining questions. We agreed that the next step would be to invite Daniel and Mary Ann to meet with us and to share our questions with them beforehand. The meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 21, 2:00-3:30pm, MSL Training Room. Below is the list of questions:


  • When will the import/export function be testable?
  • Will it be possible to overlay a higher encoding level with a lower one? Will we have to add an 852 and/or 876 to record before importing?


  • Will it be possible to batch generate the validation report?
  • How configurable are the three levels of messages in the "Check Record" report (see Cataloging manual, section 4, p. 24, bottom of page)?
  • "Check Record" appears to detect when there is a new heading. I don't think it's checking the authority database even though it says "is a new heading and is not in authority database." True? Can we assume that it will check the authority database once the authority headings are linked to the bib file?
  • The "Search field headings of current library" and "Search field headings of other library" functions don't work right now. Do you know when they will be available?
  • One of the options under "Edit/Derive new record" is "Create a new record in the Authority DB, based on 100 field." The record created has several 008 values we would like changed. Is it possible to reconfigure the template used to create these records? (See "fix_doc_new_aut_2", Cataloging manual, section 10, p. 24?)
  • Aleph Cataloging Training Manual says that the GEN Index should not include 5xx because headings need to be unique. What will this mean to us in terms of our daily work?
  • Since we need to add a |9 to differentiate ambiguous headings will this initially be done by FCLA automatically or are we going to have to do this manually?


  • What criteria will we be using in deciding what are "similar" records (Edit/Locate similar record)?
  • What will our "fix" routines do?
  • Where are the STA fields defined? On p. 47 of cataloging manual it says the STA $$aSUPPRESSED "does not prevent the generation of index entries. To prevent the public from seeing these entries, it is necessary to explicitly exclude the STA $$aSUPPRESSED field through the standard logical bases mechanism." What does that mean to us exactly? Does it suppress all aspects of the record hldgs., items, etc.?
  • When would we use the STA$$aDELETE as opposed from using the delete from the service menu? I'm not clear on what the difference is between the two, but there appears to be one from reading the documentation.
  • How does the LKR field relate to the 780/785?
  • What is the functionality of the LKR fields and what is the actual difference between UP and DN (other than the obvious directional one)?
  • If we decided to do so, would it be possible to make all ELEC records "global" so we can all help in maintaining and we can add the appropriate subjects etc.?
  • Would we add the 856's to the bib or the hldgs or both? What difference does it make?
  • What will our choices for bib record templates be? How will that decision be made?


  • Holdings record defaults to a monograph. Can we create templates for holdings in other formats?
  • Documentation says, "It is important to link the subscription to the holdings record before item records are created so that the holdings record system number is automatically copied to the items created during the serial check-in process." So what happens if you don't and how do you overcome it if you accidentally create the item first?
  • At what point in workflow will HOL be created?
  • Will 035 on HOL be indexed?
  • How will we batch update holdings?


  • In items, is there some way to get rid of the "save default" record other than creating a new one?
  • Can an item circulate using the default barcode assigned by the system? If so, what happens when the barcode # is changed to the regular library barcodes?
  • When creating items for a multi-volume monograph the "material type" should be entered as "issue" rather than "book"?
  • How will the choices for Item Status and Item Process Status be determined? When will the Item Process Statuses work (we noticed that selecting IP results in an error message)? Also, sometimes the Item Status is blank.
  • How is the call number list in the Item Record form generated?


  • Is there anything alerts you when a record has a "trigger"?
  • Is there an authorization level associated with the ability to delete/modify "triggers"?
  • Is running a report the only way to know there's a "trigger" present?
  • What happens when a trigger expires and no report has been run?
  • How do trigger lists get cleaned out?
  • Triggers created in Cataloging Module don't display in HOL. Are triggers unique to module? Is there a way to have a universal trigger?
  • Triggers include some Check Record messages. Is FCLA planning to remove Check Record messages from the Trigger lists?
  • How will the Department list be determined?


  • What work has been done to configure the floating keyboard? How will it be configured? Will labels for the diacritics be included?
  • Would it make sense to use Windows character map (charmap.exe) in place of the ExLibris floating keyboard?


  • What does a "Catalog Proxy" do, what would be its potential use for us?
  • ??Can only use the "search field" and have it automatically populate the field if the UPD is set to Y?? What happens if it's set to N?
  • What's a "copyright article fee" code?
  • How will the override process work?
  • Would it be helpful to differentiate the modules through a color or some other scheme?
  • What will we be allowed to "view" in other OWN libraries and other former "SUS" libraries as they are moved to Aleph? Often we now look at NOTIS opr records to view receipt dates of issues in cases when other Florida universities hold the same title. This can alert us to the need or not for a claim.
  • Search sub-field options. How will this be implemented/used?
  • Aleph Cataloging Training Manual, Tab 4, p. 23 reads: "A base list of common problems is defined in the system." Is there a list we can look at now?

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Last updated: April 11, 2003


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