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RS ALEPH Cataloging Trainers Group
April 1, 2004

Class update
Doug reported that the two CAT 101 sessions held thus far have been well-received. The rovers have helped by making supplementary comments, giving feedback re. the trainer's pace, etc.

Rover schedule
A few sessions still need rovers. Betsy will send the list so trainers can volunteer.

Add copies
Betsy reported that UF will not begin the practice of using the same HOL per add copy. It was determined that potentially important acquisitions data could be lost.

"FW: added copies" e-mail sent to the group 4/2/04

Item Process Statuses
The Item Process Status list has been revised in UF Test. Suggestions are welcome.

"FW: IPS draft" e-mail sent to the group 4/2/04

Check_doc tables for UFU10 and UFU60
The validation tables UFU10 (UF Authority Library) and UFU60 (UF Holdings Library) have not been customized yet. The Aleph defaults, which are in effect, may not need significant revision. Gerald will review the UFU10 tables. Naomi will coordinate a review of the UFU50 tables.

Item Record Material Type
Betsy reminded the group that the Item Record Material Type sets the item sort. It is not designed to record the item's format (e.g., video, map, CD) although some institutions, including UNF, are using the Item Record Material Type beyond its intended use to record format-like item information for statistics purposes. Betsy read an excerpt from a related e-mail from John Hein at UNF. (e-mail forwarded to the group 4/2/04). UF has no plans presently to use the Item Record Material Type in this way. The group endorsed the idea of eliminating the extraneous terms in the pull-down list so that staff will only see two choices - BOOK and ISSUE.

Betsy reported that four levels of draft cataloging permissions have been sent to Rich to set up in UF Test. (See below "draft Cataloging permissions" e-mail sent to the group 4/2/04.)

-----Original Message-----
From: Betsy Simpson
Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 8:33 AM
To: Cataloging Trainers Group
Subject: draft Cataloging permissions

Attached is the permissions spreadsheet from Rich, which I quickly (and partially) filled out so that I could ask Rich if it was on target with what he needs to begin to set up the cataloging permissions. He responded that he would set up a test logon(s) for us to experment with. Please take a look and share any comments.


Link to permissions spreadsheet (Excel)

Daniel is still waiting for Ex Libris to apply the hot fix to UF Test so he can try overlaying on Aleph system number. [On 4/13/04 Daniel e-mailed that he had successfully overlaid on Aleph system number (see below)]

-----Original Message-----
From: Betsy Simpson
Sent: Friday, April 16, 2004 5:27 PM
To: RS Migration Group; Cataloging Trainers Group
Cc: Rich Bennett; Martha Hruska
Subject: FW: OCLC overlay with Aleph System Number

Gerald tested the Aleph system number overlay and it's working. Betsy

-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel Cromwell - FCLA
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 10:01 AM
To: Betsy Simpson; Gerald Langford
Subject: OCLC overlay with Aleph System Number

Betsy and Gerald,

You should now be able to overlay a record in Aleph placing its system
number in the OCLC record that is being downloaded to UFtest region.
The Aleph system number should be in a 599 $$a added to the OCLC
record. Please test this and let me know if everything works correctly.


Complex Holding and Item Record Guidelines
Tatiana requested that group members give Gerald and her feedback on the Complex Holding and Item Record Guidelines document draft sent to the group 3/29/04 (see email below).

-----Original Message-----
From: Tatiana Barr
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2004 3:35 PM
To: Cataloging Trainers Group
Subject: Complex ITEM and HOL

Here is a beginning model for the 102 Handout Gerald and I are preparing on complex situations for catalogers to refer to at their desks.. Basic approach:

Each no. devoted to different issue or situation
Workflow scenarios included if necessary
Repeat basic steps, not detail by detail steps as in actual training material, refer to Training Material if appropriate
May move some of the more repetitive sequences, e.g. How to LOAD HOL record to an Appendix
Will add a most frequently used command list -- key vs. File menu

If you have a moment at all, could you please look at this and give us your comments--are we on the right track? Or anything else you feel might be useful.... At the end, I've listed the items still to be included (or not, with explanation). These were points brought up at the demonstrations.

Complex Holding and Item Record Guidelines: Draft


Day 1/Week 1
Jimmie mentioned the importance of planning for and providing one-on-one training and support immediately post-STP. Group meetings may be desirable as well. The trainers will discuss at the next meeting.

Betsy explained that CatPro will be transitioning to AlephPro, a departmental repository for cataloging and other functional policies and procedures. Current plans call for a layout and index exactly like CatPro. Jackie expressed concern that CatPro procedures continue to be accessible . Betsy assured the group that the procedures will be accessible for as long as staff need them.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 21, 1:00-2:00pm, Library East Conference Room.

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Last updated: April 22, 2004


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