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RS ALEPH Cataloging Trainers Group

February 19, 2003

Attendee list
Per Naomi's suggestion as well as a follow-up discussion with Michele, the list distributed at our meeting has been revised to include the Serials Acquisitions Unit, Monographs Unit, and Paying Unit (see attached). Jorge offered to create another version of our attendee list that provides information about who is required to attend which classes. He will send the list via e-mail when it's ready.

Class offerings
The consensus of the group is to keep with our original plan of having trainers be responsible for covering all cataloging classes for their respective units, etc. rather than having training assignments for covering particular aspects of the cataloging curriculum across units. We identified a couple of exceptions. Naomi thought it was reasonable for David and her to provide training in MARC21 holdings. We also agreed that the group should combine efforts to cover training for the intro staff GUI sessions.

Betsy will talk to Rich about scheduling the intro staff GUI sessions we will offer. The classes will be scheduled for 2 hours and take place in mid to late March. We expect to offer ~5 classes with 15 participants each. 3-4 trainers (instructor with 2-3 rovers) will lead each session.

We think other training groups should offer introductory sessions in their primary modules. Betsy and Jorge spoke to Michele about this and she indicated that is the plan - for example, the Acquisitions trainers are planning to provide introductory sessions for non-Acquisitions staff.

There was general acknowledgement that it is difficult to determine the exact make-up of the functional classes and to schedule them before we've gone through functional training ourselves. Betsy pointed out that we have documentation from Harvard and input from University of Minnesota, both of which should give us a relatively good idea of our class structure.

Class format
The group decided a format that combines demonstration with hands-on is the best approach. We also want to have "lab" time set aside when staff can come to the training room for additional instruction. We will designate a workstation in RS to be a "training" computer area. A likely candidate is the workstation near the approvals.

Jean suggested that trainers be provided with instruction in how to use the MSL training room, and we all heartily agreed. Some in the group expressed concern about potential difficulty in scheduling the MSL training room, fearing that it is already being reserved and we might not be able to schedule it for our needs. There was some thinking that we might need to use LW Rm 148 in addition. Betsy will be meeting with Rich to discuss these issues.

Doug expressed his desire for trainers to have practice sessions. Betsy will touch bases with Rich about our scheduling the MSL training room for this purpose, too.

Email update on use of training room
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Update on my meeting with Rich to discuss MSL training room:

The room has not been reserved by other groups yet, except one session by Acquisitions and the ongoing ExLibris sessions. We shouldn't have any problems scheduling the room. The room is specifically designated for Aleph training. If, for some reason, a non-Aleph training group schedules the room, we will get bouncing rights if we need to use the room at the same time. The strong message he sent is that the room is there for us to use for Aleph training - period.

Library West 148 should not factor into our training plans. Aleph has not been installed on the computers in Rm 148 (except the instructor's computer) and there are no plans to install Aleph on those computers.

Rich is going to ask Denise to provide written instructions on how to use the equipment, etc. in the MSL training room. He's planning to share that information via e-mail. It should also be available in the room. He said we can arrange to have an orientation if needed, but apparently it's extremely easy to get things up and running - written instructions plus a visit to the room to go over things together will probably be all we'll need.

Per Rich, there are 22 workstations in the room and they are all working.

Martha/Rich are going to set up soon (possibly today) an online calendar for the room. I believe we'll have a way of reserving the room through Outlook. Requests will go to Rich.

It is perfectly alright for us to schedule the room to use for practicing our training presentations.

Betsy Simpson March 3, 2003


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