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Integrating Resources

Web sites


CatMet is often notified by e-mail to catalog Web sites.  The e-mail may contain license information as well as a provisional record number.  Cut/paste the license information from the provisional record and tag as 599 in the bib: "License found at [url]".  If license information is not available, contact the Serials Unit Head, Acquisitions and Licensing Department, to obtain. 

Beware! Provisional record titles may differ from the title of the resource on the Internet. Search wisely.


Use Bibliographic Level code “i” in your originals, and follow the instructions in Cataloging Electronic Resources: OCLC MARC Coding Guidelines (see section on Integrating Resources).  You may use shared copy that has not been updated in OCLC yet with bib level "i" but please make sure that either the 008 or an 006 is present for all three aspects: computer file, book, and serial.  In cases where the record is serials format, code the 008/21 (SrTp or Type of Continuing Resource) with "w" for updating Web site.

See also: Integrating Resources: Databases


Integrating Resources: Web sites

Integrating Resources: Web sites

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