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Withdrawing Electronic Resources -- Draft

We may receive notification that a resource has been withdrawn from Acquisitions, or we may simply become aware through the broken links report or an email from a public service librarian. We should always work quickly to verify and process these withdrawals, so they don't mislead catalog users.

Verify the item is really unavailable. 

Follow the directions for fixing broken links before considering a resource for withdrawal.

Notify appropriate staff. 

Local catalog maintenance.

 Local maintenance should follow the Record Deletion guidelines. 

PURL maintenance. 

Some free resources have a PURL -- a Persistent URL -- that redirects people to a Web site through a central server. Some older items may have an FCLA PURL that begins, newer items will have a CONSER PURL that begins Contact the Principal Serials Cataloger to get the log-in information for correcting CONSER PURLs. FCLA PURLs have to be corrected by the cataloger who created them, or by Database Maintenance Unit staff. 


Withdrawing Electronic Resources

Withdrawing Electronic Resources

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