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Catalog Access for Affliated Libraries

Affiliated library collections not directly administered by the University of Florida Libraries may be added to the library catalog as stipulated below.  Such collections must augment the Libraries' holdings and support the teaching and research needs of the UF community.  Requests for inclusion should be sent to the Assistant Director for Technical Services.

Prior to adding an affiliated library collection to the catalog, a written agreement between the library and the affiliated library, signed by representatives of both parties, should document the following:

In addition, the agreement should specify:

and outline the University of Florida Libraries' commitment to provide:

as well as state the following:

The costs associated with storage and searching catalog records will be underwritten by the Florida Center for Library Automation as part of its commitment to support the University of Florida Libraries.


Affiliated Libraries (additional details):

Division of Plant Industry

Harn Museum Bishop Study Center - agreement


IFAS Centers

Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Department - agreement

Research and Engineering Education Facility (REEF) - agreement

University Center for Excellence in Teaching (UCET) - agreement

See also the Affiliated Libraries Cataloging Procedure



Catalog Access for Affiliated Libraries

Catalog Access for Affiliated Libraries

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson and Martha Hruska

Created: November 17, 2005

Updated: September 2007


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